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Yoga Flo for Peace 40 Minute Practice (Sample)

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Yoga Flo for Peace 40 Minute Practice

Duration: 40 minutesEmbed Video
Level: Moderate
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This challenging and invigorating Yoga Flo for Peace with Jennifer Maagendans stimulates the senses and inspires one to seek peace in each moment. This practice will awaken the dormant energy within, while calming the mind and bringing about a strong sense of awareness. Enjoy this flowing practice led by studio owner and Jivamukti certified yoga teacher Jennifer Maagendans, with original music composed by Montreal's own Jason Kent.

Contraindications: Pregnant Women should not do twists.

Inversions are not recommended for women who are menstruating.

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Jennifer Maagendans

Location:  Montreal, CA

Jennifer Maagendans is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and environmentalist. She is the director and founder of Centre Luna Yoga in Old Montreal. Practicing yoga since 1996, Jennifer has a background in gymnastics, and holds a degree...

Luna Yoga

Location:  Montreal, CA

Luna Yoga is located amongst the boutiques, restaurants and offices of the business district in Old Montreal. It occupies ...