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Fluid: Back to Bending (Sample)

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Fluid: Back to Bending

Duration: 60 minutesEmbed Video
Level: Advanced
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In this 60 min advanced Fluid practice with Kevan Gale, we will delve into deep back openers. We begin by heating the body quickly through a standing fire sequence. The heat continues as we warm the spine and test our balance with pigeon variations and side crow. We reach our peak with dancer and deep bow variations. Cooling things down we hit the floor for some twisting, folding and closing posture.

During this 3rd part series of Kevan Gales Advanced series, you will find your practice going to places it has never been before.

Find Fluidity in your practice and your life!

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Kevan Gale

Location:  Boston, US

Kevan Gale is co-owner of Stil Studio, a yoga sanctuary located in the Greater Boston area.  .  You can find Kevan at at and He has been featured in the Emmy-Award winning news program WCVB-TV’s...

Stil Studio

Location:  Boston, US

Stil Studio aspires to bring you to a place you have never been before. Connect and learn on the mat. Use what you learn and apply it to your life – off the mat. Here you...