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Unlimited Streaming Video Right Arrow Unlimited access to streaming yoga and wellness videos online Right Arrow Hundreds of yoga and wellness videos 5-90 minutes in length, accessible 24/7 Get what you want when you need it. Right Arrow Join our Premium Membership for only $9.95 a month or $89.95 a year, $30 off our regular monthly price for a year of 119.95.
Video Downloads Right Arrow Download to own yoga and wellness videos Right Arrow Choose high quality video to view on your computer when internet's not available, burn to DVD, or transfer to your on demand set-top box. Or download low-res video for your iPad, iPod, iPhone, or portable media player. Right Arrow Watch our videos and click the BUY THIS VIDEO button to purchase and download. Premium Members receive 20% off
Community Right Arrow Join our community and create
  • your own My Diary
  • Customize the look of our site to suit your needs
  • Are you a teacher or studio owner? Create your own studio listing.
  • Read and Post comments on our healthy living and yoga articles, Ask an expert section, blogs, and forum posts
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Right Arrow Have the ability to create your own My Diary blog, with personal url. Create, modify, and post your wellness goals, lifestyle changes, day-to-day activities, and share with all your friends, new and old, in our wellness community. Customize the look of your diary and the site based on your Chakra and inspirational quotes. Right Arrow Sign-Up for our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP and start creating and sharing right away

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