Setting Fun-Filled Goals to Boost Your Energy

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By Anita Sig • April 11th, 2012 • 6404 Views

Setting Fun-Filled Goals to Boost Your Energy

If setting goals ever becomes just another item on your to-do list, and all you feel like doing at the end of the day is zone out in front of the TV, you may want to remind yourself of all the fun-filled activities that boost your energy levels. 

When Everyday Feels Like an Endless To-Do List

Sometimes, each day just feels like one more “stuck in traffic – working – stuck in traffic again – picking up the kids – cooking dinner – housework – tired – TV – sleep” day. Time goes by and before soon, every task has become a „must“chore.  Each day feels like an endless to-do list and nothing has been accomplished besides putting out immediate fires. We never seem to have time or energy for anything other than daily chores.

The H/W Ratio Teachers Forget To Mention In Class. 

Put simply, the H/W ratio is the ratio between have-to tasks and want-to tasks and determines the health of our task list.  To complicate matters, no preset ratio fits all and everyone has to find their ideal number.  Hectic times can be fun and rewarding as long as refueling both body and soul is made a priority.  Prolonged periods of having too much to do, slowly but steadily burns you up and traps you in a vicious cycle.  The want-to tasks are suddenly not fulfilling anymore and become have-to‘s; increasing our have –to‘s even more.

No Couch Potato Voucher

This is by no means an excuse to become a couch potato.  While the want-to tasks are the refueling agents of body and soul, the law of diminishing returns applies.  The energy gained from refueling is less when tanks become close to full and without any real challenge the want-to‘s become less rejuvenating. 

Create Your Funlist

Create a list of everything you love to do or want to try. Be imaginative and think about what exites you,  the things that make you loose track of time and make you feel good.  Categorize these ideas into easy, intermediate and advanced depending on how much effort these activities require.

Set Fun-Filled Goals

Setting fun-filled goals is as easy as making it a habit to choose at least one idea from your easy idea box every day, at least one from your intermediate box every week or month and one from your advanced box every year.  Your ideal ratio, as well as ideal refueling activities, may change from time to...

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