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    • April 30, 2011 at 8:54am

      I am taking the De-Stress Express program because I work at a job where I often have other people throwing their life stresses at me. While I try not to absorb it, it's hard not to from time to time. I'd like to learn ways to help manage this.

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        • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

          January 8, 2011 at 8:13am

          My massage therapist, who owns a holistic healing centre, suggested that I should try a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session. I read up on it and thought it sounded interesting enough. I went in very open-minded without any expectations of what the session should bring. If anyone is interested in trying a PRYT session, believe me, go in with that attitude. Here's a brief description of what PRYT is:

          "Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is based in the yogic philosophy of wholeness-body, mind, emotions, spirit. In one on one sessions, simple dialogue is used with meditations and supported postures to encourage the client's exploration of what's happening Now. The practitioner does not diagnose or give advice, but rather supports the client's unique discovery using the body's wisdom. Experience in yoga or meditation is not necessary."

          The person doing the session, Jessica, was a very nice, non-judgmental woman with a warm, compassionate spirit about her. She had me crying within the first 2 minutes of our session, hahaha. I am not going to blog about what we discussed because it's not important to anyone but me. My session involved a lot of talking from me (clearly, I needed to blab to someone who isn't a close friend) and minimal movement. Jessica placed her hands over my heart and on my stomach for awhile, doing a bit of a massage. She then supported my head and neck, moving my head so it alleviated some strain on my neck. A wedge was put under me so my knees were bent and my abdomen was elevated higher than my head/shoulders. Jessica then did some poses moving my legs as I was carrying some tension there. If I went quiet for awhile or if we changed a position or tension, Jessica would ask, "What's happening now?" I would tell her what I was feeling or if something was going on with part of my body. She would then ask me to elaborate and repeat some of my words back to me, supporting what I had just said and allowing me to reflect on it. We wrapped up the session, me feeling like a blubbering fool as I had cried through the whole thing - hahaha, and reflected on what was discussed so I felt more empowered. I told her things I never thought I'd tell anyone...and it was a relief to do so. Jessica assured me that about 95% of people cry in their session and I wasn't the worst one she had seen, hahaha.

          All in all, I would go again in the future especially if I'm feeling a lot of stress and pressure. It helped me get in tune with emotions and thoughts I had been struggling with and also allowed me to "check in" on how that was affecting my body.

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