• Strong, Lean and Open Legs
    Strong, Lean and Open Legs

    Posted On: 06-04-2014

    Combining alignment based yoga, strength training, Pilates and Barre Method exercises, this class from Ashleigh Sergeant offers a dynamic and skillful way to work your legs. Healthy hips and legs require tone and length as well as full stability...

  • Body Sculpt
    Body Sculpt

    Posted On: 06-03-2014

    Strengthen and tone with Ashley Turner to create a deep, inner confidence. This is a full-body workout which cultivates willpower, consistency and courage. Build upper and lower body strength and core power. End with sweet hip openers and a short...

  • The Mood of the Month: June Astrology
    The Mood of the Month: June Astrology

    Posted On: 06-03-2014

    Debra Silverman provides an astrological overview for June. I think, therefore I am …Gemini! Geminis entertain themselves non-stop. Who needs other people when the sound of your own voice is such good company, and your picture on Facebook...

  • Avoiding Death by Desk
    Avoiding Death by Desk

    Posted On: 06-02-2014

    This practice from Bernie Clark is designed for people who have to sit all day long, whether at a computer, on the phone, or in meetings. Even if you are very active after your work hours are done, the impact of simply sitting for hours at a...

  • Strong, Long, and Beautiful: Arms and Shoulders
    Strong, Long, and Beautiful: Arms and Shoulders

    Posted On: 06-01-2014

    Combining aligment based yoga, strength training, pilates and barre method exercises, this class offer a dynamic and skilfull way to work your arms, shoulders and upper back (with some core work to boot). Healthy shoulders require tone and length...

  • Flow Barre: Love Your Hips
    Flow Barre: Love Your Hips

    Posted On: 05-31-2014

    This practice from Kate Kendall is a short and snappy sequence that focuses on hips and booty! Flow into a barre sequence and dance back into your yoga practice. This video is part of our 

  • Yoga for Breakups
    Yoga for Breakups

    Posted On: 05-30-2014

    This slow hatha flow from Ashley Turner is one designed to heal your heart from disappointment, loss, or a breakup. Take the time with this practice to implement radical self-love and acceptance into your daily life.  Props recommended:...

  • Sexy Six Pack
    Sexy Six Pack

    Posted On: 05-29-2014

    This core power class from Ashley Turner will ignite your inner power, strengthen and tone your abs from all levels, and leave you feeling sexy and confident from the inside out. Use this practice to build stability on and off the mat. This...

  • Upper Body: Upside Down
    Upper Body: Upside Down

    Posted On: 05-28-2014

    We literally turn our upper body toning upside down in this practice from Andrea Marcum. It’s a playful sequence with serious sculpting to get fit for summer. Physical strength feeds our courage too, so we’ll stare down a few walls...

  • Flow Barre: Spicy Buns
    Flow Barre: Spicy Buns

    Posted On: 05-27-2014

    This short but sweet practice from Kate Kendall is a yoga barre fusion that will rock your body. Feel fluid, strong and sexy. This video is part of our Yoga Sculpt Fusion...