• Balance and Burn
    Balance and Burn

    Posted On: 03-07-2014

    This practice from Faith Hunter is all about getting a burn while maintaining balance. From modified salutations to a flow of standing balancing poses, this class will light you up and bring you back to center.

  • R and R
    R and R

    Posted On: 03-06-2014

    This is a great class if you are new to yoga or have taken a break and are ready to renew your practice. Melina Meza will leave you feeling restored and relaxed.
    Props: block and strap Featuring music...

  • Space to Restore
    Space to Restore

    Posted On: 03-05-2014

    This prenatal class from Twee Merrigan focuses on restoration and rejuvenation. When we take the time to care for ourselves in moments of silence then we are better equipped to take care of the loved ones in our lives. This class can also be...

  • Space to Restore Interview
    Space to Restore Interview

    Posted On: 03-05-2014

    Twee Merrigan presents a short discussion on the benefits of self care and how it can aid you in the process of childbearing.

  • Ab Series
    Ab Series

    Posted On: 03-04-2014

    This short, Pilates inspired class from Rachel Wainwright is a simple, yet beneficial practice for toning your core. Take the poses at your own pace and skill level and feel free to get a burn. Featuring music by

  • The Mood of the Month: March Astrology
    The Mood of the Month: March Astrology

    Posted On: 03-04-2014

    Debra Silverman provides an astrological overview for March. Like a breath of fresh air, Pisces challenges us to balance the yang yoga (the patriarchal world) with an upswing of yin yoga (femininity and magic). This month, let your dreamer out and...

  • Wake It Up
    Wake It Up

    Posted On: 03-03-2014

    Whether you’re having a hard time getting up this morning, dealing with afternoon drowsiness or have been sitting at a desk for an extended period of time, this twenty minute class from Clara Roberts-Oss will wake you up. Both invigorating...

  • No More Lower Back Pain
    No More Lower Back Pain

    Posted On: 02-28-2014

    This straight forward, no nonsense class from Ashleigh Sergeant is meant to answer all your low back alignment questions. Learn and refine your understanding of a healthy spine. An essential class for all levels, which is also part of Ashleigh's...

  • Wrist Free Hip and Pelvis Exploration
    Wrist Free Hip and Pelvis Exploration

    Posted On: 02-27-2014

    Give your wrists a break in this intermediate class with Kreg Weiss. This Hatha flow class focuses on minimizing loading onto wrists while exploring the hips and pelvis.  Contraindications: High blood pressure Featuring...

  • Fire and Earth Shakti Awakening Kundalini Flow
    Fire and Earth Shakti Awakening Kundalini Flow

    Posted On: 02-26-2014

    Connect to your divinity, cleanse your chakras of energetic blockages and release that which is no longer serving your higher self with this practice with Zain Saraswati Jamal. Beginning with a mantra meditation of 108 repetitions, expect intensity...