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Lima, PE

I´m 34 years old, married to a wonderful husband, (no kids, yet!). Live in Lima Peru, in Punta Hermosa (south from the city) and have the priviledge to live at the beach. I´ve being doing Yoga for over 3 years now and has become an important part of my daily routine. I teach Yoga here in my neighborhood and at the city, I´m also an Acupuncturist and Graphic Designer.


More About Me

My Occupation is
Yoga Teacher, Acupuncturist, Graphic Designer.

My hobbies/interests are
Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
I meditate everyday for at least 20 min. to keep my mind calm and/or every time i feel with too many thoughts. I have acupuncture sessions once a week. I don´t smoke nor drink. and of course eating healthy it´s also the key! and BREATHING!! :D

My wellness goals are
Gain flexibility, strength and calmness :D

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
Teaching all the benefits i´ve learn about Yoga and Acupuncture.

My inspirations are
Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, all my Masters from acupuncture, my yoga teachers and many teacher from MYO.

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