Winter Meditation

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By Padma (Marla Stewart) • December 24th, 2012 • 6360 Views

Winter Meditation

Winter months can be dark, cold, and long, and there are practices that can support us through these months, keeping us in good balance energetically and mentally. When we are in balance we’re happy and we feel contented. Winter’s energy can tend to make us more inward than in the summer. This going-inside season is a quieter time and can be one of the most wonderful and delicious times of the year when we know how to savor the sweet bliss of our inner silence and peace. This quiet time can, however, feel unfamiliar and even unpleasant. In the stillness of winter, old latent agitations can arise from the memory. Year after year these feeling can get associated with wintertime and then winter doesn’t seem like a pleasant, delightful time of stillness and peace, but rather becomes heavy with depression.

Traditionally, we have celebrations in winter to lighten our spirits and bring light to the dark times. We can get so excited about combating the winter, and celebrating to make ourselves happy, that these celebrations become anxious times. Now we are in a pattern of swinging from depression to anxiety throughout the winter, trying to combat the blues by getting hyped up, then crashing from the hype and falling again into sadness.

It’s possible to get our balance back through the winter by adopting a practice of meditation. Meditation makes the peaceful, quiet space of stillness a familiar and enjoyable feeling. It takes time for an imbalanced nervous system to become accustomed to being in balance, to feeling blissful. If we take a little time each day to simply sit and be at ease in ourselves, this will become more and more a natural feeling. Meditation is a training program to remind our nervous system how to feel balanced and steady, easy yet strong, quiet and yet bright at the same time. Stillness does not mean dullness or lethargy. In the deep ease of stillness you connect with a space of potential and power. We feel the energy of life in our body, and the clear, expanse of awareness of our mind. 

In the stillness of winter, we can rediscover the powerful space of inner stillness and train our mind and body to love touching this space every day. Winter then will not be a time of dull depression or anxious business. It will be a sacred...

Padma (Marla Stewart)

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