Merging into Oneness Effortlessly

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By davidji • November 17th, 2012 • 7818 Views

Merging into Oneness Effortlessly

“All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we create the world.” ~the Buddha

There’s a voice inside you that is constantly speaking in whispers, in shouts, in chatter, in murmurs, in guidance and in an ongoing conversation between you and yourself. At lightning speed, your senses absorb an impression, your brain receives it, a thought manifests, your intellect processes it, your inner voice puts it in context, and then moves you to the next moment. This relentless process continues unceasingly through every moment, every hour of every day. This is your inner dialog – responding to life as it unfolds before you and within you.

Wherever you spend your time, whatever you read or watch, however you move through your day ultimately becomes the fabric of your inner dialog. Watch a lot of movies… it becomes you. Practice a certain asana regularly… it becomes you. Eat a certain type of food, or read a particular author or perspective, or spend a lot of time in a certain place… it becomes you. And on and on it goes.

When you spend time each day in stillness and silence, it also becomes you. And it begins to awaken your inner voice a bit more to your unconditioned self – the part of you that is whole, pure, infinite, divine, and unbounded by your ego.

There’s also a voice you project into the world – your outer dialog. That outer voice is essentially what you do with the information that you allow to flow through your head and your heart; what you say, how you act, choices you make, ways you interpret the next moment...all your interactions.

When your inner voice and your outer voice are aligned, we call that being in integrity. But balancing and aligning the two separate worlds can be challenging. One is who you see when you look in the mirror – your true sense of self – and the other one is expressed in interactions, conversations, relationships, transactions, and situations where we want to be heard, trusted, believed, liked, approved, rewarded, loved, and embraced.

Through the daily practice of meditation, your inner dialog becomes infused with tiny drops of this stillness, of this silence. Thimbles full of your unconditioned self. As the days add up, those thimbles become teaspoons, then ladles, until you are awash in buckets of stillness and silence flowing through you. At a certain point the...


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