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April 24th, 2014

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Finding Savasana in Daily Life

Each time we roll out the mat and move our bodies the sublime understanding is that our mat is like a mirror.  How we perform......

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  • 5 Meditation Myths Busted
    5 Meditation Myths Busted

    Author Hari Kalymnios

    If you’re not currently a meditator, then you need to read this. If you do meditate, then maybe you would like to share this with those that don’t. As a relatively recent convert to meditation (two years ago), I feel as though it’s my duty to bust a few myths that perpetuated in my mind about meditation prior to taking it up.
  • Magical Mystery Mat: A Poem
    Magical Mystery Mat: A Poem

    Author ava bird

    here i sit silent  on a mat waiting  flying on this thin mat  & maybe a bag delivering me into great joy in bliss 
  • 3 Tips for Couples New to Partner Yoga
    3 Tips for Couples New to Partner Yoga

    Author Karla Tafra

    The MOST important aspect of Partner Yoga is patience. Balancing in asanas is hard itself. Imagine balancing on someone else? It takes a lot of nerves to do a single pose, especially if you’re a beginner. Calm yourself and be prepared for lots of falling down, bruises and awkward positions. Deal with them with laughter. If you feel yourself getting irritated or nervous because you keep on failing, stop and try again tomorrow. Don’t turn something wonderful into an argument.
  • Lately I've Been Told I Don't Act Like a Yogi
    Lately I've Been Told I Don't Act Like a Yogi

    Author Myriam Valenzuela

    Lately I’ve been told I don’t act like a yogi. I was sharing this to a student and my husband recently, and they both looked at me shocked and said the same thing: "But you are the yoga teacher, you are not acting as one."
  • 5 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Sex Life
    5 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Sex Life

    Author Jill Paschal

    If you are wondering what the connection is between yoga and sex you are not alone. Many people automatically think that there can’t be a connection there. But, it is important to know that yoga can help you have better sex. In fact, many people including fitness instructors, and medical professionals recommend yoga for improved intimacy.
  • Yoga: A Conversation with Your Body
    Yoga: A Conversation with Your Body

    Author Amanda Sive

    When we do yoga we engage in a conversation with our body. I always encourage my students to observe, closely, what their bodies are telling them. Just in that moment, because change is constant. Do chair pose (utkatasana) hundreds of times and you'll learn that your mind, body and emotions are always changing.
  • The Yoga Pose You're Doing Wrong (and How to Modify it Safely)
    The Yoga Pose You're Doing Wrong (and How to Modify it Safely)

    Author Coraley Letcher

    Take any yoga class and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll do downward facing dog, or adho mukha svanasana, at least once. If you’re a fan of flow classes, the amount of times you’ll find yourself in down dog increases exponentially.  For beginners, despite their teacher’s touting down dog as a pose of rest, it feels less like rest and more like a full body workout.  This isn’t exactly untrue. When downward facing dog is executed properly the core is engaged and the entire back body is stretching, with the arms bearing some of the body’s weight, making down dog a pose that works the entire body from hands to heels. A correctly executed down dog also has many physical and mental benefits, including building bone density, increasing circulation, developing flexibility, calming the mind and counteracting fatigue.  But when done wrong the benefits of the posture may be lost and put the yogi at risk for injury, especially if they’re hitting downward facing dog repeatedly. 
  • A Buddhist Approach to Meditation
    A Buddhist Approach to Meditation

    Author Mark Van Buren

    In the Buddhist tradition, meditation is used as a way to cultivate loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom not only for one's self, but for all sentient beings. It’s a tool used to become liberated from the suffering of life, the suffering of aging, sickness and death.