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Yoga for the Second Trimester (Sample)

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Yoga for the Second Trimester

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As a yoga teacher and fitness professional, Cathy Underwood has met women looking to stay fit and healthy during and after their pregnancy. Many are concerned about their energy levels and how they will feel mentally and physically during this time.

This prenatal yoga video pertains to the second trimester. The Yoga4mums Pregnancy Program offers you the space to embrace your pregnancy, connect deeply with your baby and prepare for motherhood.

Props & Contraindications: Using a blanket, a yoga strap, cushions and block is recommended for support in most postures. Warning provided: Avoid lying on your tummy and intense twists.

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Cathy Underwood

Location:  London, GB

Cathy Underwood is a busy mum of two and founder and director of the award winning Yoga4mums.  The business offers classes, workshops, retreats and DVDs to inspire mum and her family back to gentle exercise and...