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Wring it Out, Shake it Off (Sample)

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Wring it Out, Shake it Off

Duration: 71 minutesEmbed Video
Level: Intermediate
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Spring is here! In our latest live studio class filmed at East Side Yoga in Vancouver, Coco Finaldi uses twists and inversions to ignite the internal fire and detoxify the body for the season. A challenging yet compassionate flow that will leave you feeling light and clean from the inside out.

Tags: Hatha, Yoga, Vinyasa, flow, detox, inversions, spring, spring detox, detoxification, shake, twists, headstand, coco finaldi, springtime, inversion, Wring it Out, Shake it Off

Coco Finaldi

Location:  Vancouver, CA

Over the last decade Coco has lived, practiced and taught on the east and west coast of US and Canada as well as Hawaii. She is trained and certified in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga and very...

East Side Yoga Studio

Location:  Vancouver, CA

East Side Yoga is situated in the heart of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood.  It is a moderately sized 800 square foot studio with beautiful hard-wood floors and plenty of light. We strive to help our...