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Total Body Transformation

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Level: Intermediate
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Trim and tone the entire body with a challenging sequence of standing postures with David Magone, light as air backbends, and deep hip opening practices. This class includes traditional breathing practices (pranayama), a full warm-up and cool-down cycle designed to enhance flexibility and muscle recovery, and full 15 minutes of guided meditation in savasana.

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David Magone

Location:  Boston, US

David Magone is the founder of PranaVayu Yoga.  A dynamic yoga teacher, David has been featured in numerous publications including Travel + Leisure Magazine, Self, Women’s Health and the Wall Street Journal.  Currently David teaches PranaVayu...

PranaVayu Yoga

Location:  Boston, US

PranaVayu is a Sanskrit word used to describe an energetic wind that sustains the heart, mind and the senses of a yogi.  As a style, our practice blends specialized vinyasa sequencing, a unique system...