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Pursuit of Happy Hips

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Eoin Finn’s flowing series of poses will leave you feeling blissful and ecstatic. Building from the foundation we experience in the Yin and Yang of Yoga, we will continue on to explore pelvic anatomy and the psychology of the hips. Find out what rules we need to follow to help keep the yoga practice safe and beneficial to our physiology, while also learning how many rules actually restrict us.

The energy of the hip area can be alive and vital, or dull and dormant. The hips are the connecting point between the upper and lower body. Furthermore, the hip area is where we experience significant tightness, both from the stresses of our sporting activities as well as from the inactivity of sitting in chairs for more hours in a week than our ancestors could have imagined possible.

Key time codes:
01:00 - 13:00 Introduction and Meditation
13:00 - 17:30 Detail work
17:30 - 90:00 Vinyasa Flow Practice

Featuring live music by DJ Drez

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