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Level: Advanced
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This flow class is a creative mixed bag of goodie goodness from Meghan Currie to challenge, warm and inspire. Thinking less, breath more, feel more and play, play, play. Great for stress, for people who are having trouble sleeping, and for toning core

Tags: Hatha, Vinyasa, Destress, core, core, breath, breath, flow, Core Muscles, Balance, Strengthen Your Core, Tone Muscles, Stress, Reduce Stress, sleep, insomnia, play, tone, core strength, inspire, heat, meghan currie, sleeping, challenge, Core tone, Play Play Play, Warm

Meghan Currie

Location:  Vancouver, CA

When I teach I let go as much as possible so I may be an open channel for creative energy to pass through Every student is everyones teacher so I plug my heart into everyone and...