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OMG into Krishna Eagle Surya Namaskar (Sample)

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OMG into Krishna Eagle Surya Namaskar

Duration: 17 minutesEmbed Video
Level: Moderate
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Tapping into the Divine Lotus Deity Dance. We bow forward into OMG to rise up I to the love of Krishna! Adding Creative expression is a beloved part of the Lotus Flow Practice. In this live sequence filmed at Laughing Lotus Studio in NYC, Sheri Celentano takes a fun twist on Surya Namaskar to honor excitement and love for the practice. We also move into standing poses that thread in the deity dance as well. Use your feet to help align the poses as you move from one standing pose to the next. Allow your own vibe to come through in these shapes.

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Sheri Celentano

Location:  New York, US

Sheri Celentano is a lover of breath and movement. What an incredible gift to share this love, what connects us to our own spirit! A Brooklyn Native Sheri has been teaching since the age...

Laughing Lotus

Location:  New York, US

We (Dana Flynn & Jasmine Tarkeshi) are the co-creators of the School and Center at the Lotus. We opened up Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2000 to inspire devotion, celebrate community and spiritual life. The Center began on a rooftop...