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Neck and Shoulder Release (Sample)

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Neck and Shoulder Release

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Too much time on your computer or cell phone? If your shoulders seem to permanently reside up near your ears, you need to try this short practice with Marla Waal. Rediscover the natural state of flow and ease in an area not designed to carry our burdens. You will need 2 balls that are soft enough to roll on comfortably.

Contraindications: You can place cushions under your heels in squat pose if you experience any discomfort, as Marla indicates.

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Marla Waal

Location:  Vancouver, CA

Marla came to yoga following a 10 year career as a Professional Dancer. She trained classically at the school of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, then danced and toured with Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal and later...