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Jai Hanuman (Sample)

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Jai Hanuman

Duration: 72 minutesEmbed Video
Level: Intermediate
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In this live class from 8 Limbs Yoga Studio in Seattle, Douglas Ridings leads you through a series of vigorous flowing sequences followed by relaxing supine and seated poses.

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Douglas Ridings

Location:  Seattle, US

Douglas is an international performer of Butoh, Odissi and theater and a teacher of Hatha Yoga. He began teaching Yoga to people of all ages in 1999 and is a graduate of the Samadhi Yoga Teacher...

8 Limbs Yoga Centers

Location:  Seattle, US

8 Limbs Yoga Centers is a supportive, inclusive, and non-competitive atmosphere in which yoga practitioners can learn and grow. We offer All Levels of Hatha Yoga classes, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Kids & Family...