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Earth: Standing Poses For Stability And Freedom

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Level: All Levels
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A powerful workshop style class with Desiree Rumbaugh on the standing poses. Beginners as well as long time practitioners will benefit from Desiree's simple and clear instructions on the standing poses. Gaining flexibility truly requires strong muscles and the knowledge of how to use your strength more efficiently. Learn how to access parts of your body that you have never been able to find in your yoga practice and heal hamstring and lower back pain at the same time. For those who stay with this class until the end, there will be a fun surprise.

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Desiree Rumbaugh

Location:  Los Angeles, US

If you’ve ever been to one of Desirée’s workshops or seen glimpses of one on YouTube, your first impression might be that she teaches in an incredibly challenging style. With the ability to demonstrate some of...

Wanderlust Festival

Location:  New York, US

Wanderlust is a one-of-a-kind festival bringing together the world's leading yoga teachers, top musical acts and DJs, renowned speakers, top chefs and winemakers, and much, much more -- all in a setting of ...