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Where Sex and Yoga Come Together (Sample)

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Where Sex and Yoga Come Together

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Life and Intimacy coach, Kim Anami asks the question: What elements from your yoga practice can you bring into your sex life to help you be more conscious and present? Hint: just breathe. 

We’ll also discuss how to ride your yogic and orgasmic edge so you can infuse your creative, orgasmic energy into your day-to-day life. Plus, we’ll talk about pelvic and genital power and why you need to cultivate it. 

Tags: breath, mula bandha, bandhas, yogic breath, drishti, sex and yoga, Kim Anami, Where sex and yoga come together, creative energy, how to have a better orgaasm, how to control your orgasm, pelvis power

Kim Anami

Location:  Bali, Vancouver, LA, US

Kim Anami is a woman on a mission: to illuminate the direct + profound connection between ravishing sex and creative virtuosity. As a Life + Intimacy Coach, she’s propelled thousands of people into higher stratospheres of connection,...