• Your 8 Stage Program:

    Each of the 8 stages
    • Arrives via email on your chosen schedule
    • Features 4 components
        1. Welcome: An introduction to the Whole Health solution covered in this stage.
        2. Essentials: A series of top tips providing you with Whole Health tools
        3. Videos: A tailored selection of useful videos. Choose the ones that work with your interest, energy and ability level
        4. Insight: Articles on your chosen Whole Health subject, written by experts in the My Yoga Online community
  • Stage 1: Observe Your Eating Patterns
    For the next seven days, keep a personal food journal. This will help you learn why you eat the way you eat and offer insight into ways...
  • Stage 2: Mindful Eating
    Now that you’re aware of your eating habits, use this awareness to create new habits that nourish your body. Read our Essentials on how to do this,...
  • Stage 3: The Stress Connection
    De-stress to weigh less! Studies show that stress contributes to unhealthy weight patterns. Chronic stress affects appetite control, can increase cravings for refined carbohydrates, and encourages the...
  • Stage 4: The Lowdown on Carbohydrates
    Let’s be clear: Carbohydrates aren’t bad. But some will send your blood sugar spiraling up or down, and the stress-related fight-or-flight hormone cortisol into high alert. Learning...
  • Stage 5: Food for Thought
    The grapefruit diet. The soy diet. The raisin bran diet. So many claims to fame, so little nutrition. We’ve researched and compiled the best of the best...
  • Stage 6: Healthy Snacking
    Here’s a revolutionary thought: Snacking isn’t bad. Yup, it’s true. Just do it smart—and remember your mindfulness tips about enjoying it. Read our Essentials on snacking, try...
  • Stage 7: Know Your Body, Love Your Body
    The more you know about your body, the more you’ll love it. We guarantee it. This amazing soul vessel has a vast array of uber useful systems...
  • Stage 8: The Swapping Solution
    Want to know what to swap out, and in, for better health, and a happier body? Read our Essential tips, get more than exercise with our yoga...

Get Lean, Get Healthy

Get Lean, Get Healthy

Re-discover your healthy body and ideal weight. 

Our invitation:
Take a close objective look at the underlying reasons you may pack on extra pounds. Habits, genetics, state of mind and the society we live in all play a role. 

Our hope:
We hope some of these insights, food choices, yoga practices and activities will become part of your daily routine. With time, healthy habits become a way of life.


Yoga Philosophy and Your Body

  • Your body is incredible—no matter what your shape or size.
  • The yogic understanding of the body is that it is much more than a collection of physical systems.
  • Your body is a vessel for your deepest, most essential, self; it is the house of your soul.
  • Your connection with your body relates directly to your connection with your soul.
  • In other words, if you can learn to honor and nourish your body, you’ll honor and nourish your deepest self.


Start Saying ‘Yes’

Welcome in a healthy lifestyle that will satisfy you and give you:

  • Long-term healthy weight
  • Better digestion
  • A clearer mind 
  • A long life of vibrant wellness.

Reveal Your Leaner, Sleeker Self

  1. Shed the emotional and mental restrictions preventing you from losing weight.
  2. Re-discover your ideal body weight and shape.
  3. Say 'yes' to a healthy, satisfying lifestyle.