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  • Yoga Detox: An 8-Day Spring Cleanse
    Do you want more energy? How about a leaner body, better sleep, and radiant skin? Cleanse your body and your mind. Fuel your soul. These yoga detox tools and tips will direct you through a comprehensive inner and outer cleanse, helping to reveal the radiant, leaner, revitalized you.
  • Introduction to Power Vinyasa Yoga
    Are you curious about power yoga and how to transition into this practice? Have you been doing it for a while and want to learn more? Explore the history of power yoga, how it works, the benefits, and how to practice safely. Be guided through our 8 stages of expert insights, top tips and specialized videos to take you there.
  • Back to Health with Plant-Based Nutrition
    Featuring Vega founder Brendan Brazier and Vega team member and nutritionist Peggy Kotsopolous, the Back to Health with Plant-Based Nutrition program helps you transform your health through a plant-based whole food diet.
  • Yoga for the Beginner
    Not sure where to start, or why? Let this guided introduction to the benefits and practice of yoga answer all your questions. Find the yoga practice that’s perfect for you.
  • Sleep Well, Be Well
    Tired but wired? Energy to burn before you can drift into slumber? Are you exhausted but unable to sleep? We have a ton of tools and yoga practices for you to add to your best sleep tool kit. Wake up rested and energized.
  • Get Lean, Get Healthy
    Whether you overeat for emotional reasons, need better portion control, or suffer from chronic stress and the sluggishness that comes with it, this program will show you the way to healthy weight loss. Lose excess weight and discover your leaner, sleeker self.
  • Eliminating Anxiety: Peace & Power in 8 Stages
    Free yourself from anxiety. Learn tools, gain expert insights, and nourish your body and mind with yoga practices that soothe and strengthen. Don`t just avoid anxiety; learn how to conquer it.
  • Energy Boost
    Energy is essential. But do you have enough of it? Many of us feel drained and tired—a lot of the time. Want more energy, where and when you need it? We're sharing what we’ve learned—from experts, studies, and our own lives. Tap into the energy you need to live your best life.
  • De-Stress Express
    Stress can create patterns of tension that ripple through our lives on all levels. Yoga and meditation have proven, unprecedented abilities to reduce stress and anxiety. These essential tools, expert insights, and yoga practices will help you become calm, steady and strong.