5 Tips for Moving Forward After a Relationship Ends

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By Leigh Stewart • September 1st, 2013 • 8335 Views

5 Tips for Moving Forward After a Relationship Ends

Change can be difficult to embrace, especially when it involves those we love or once loved.  Challenging patterns of behavior that we have fallen into can throw our minds and bodies for a loop.  Sometimes break-ups and falling-outs are sudden, and other times they have been brewing for weeks, even months.  Almost always, however, they happen for a reason.  

There is never a perfect time for the difficulties that moving forward can pose, but there are tools that can enable us to move through these situations with greater ease.

1. Acknowledge that things will be different.

It is imperative to step back and remind yourself that change is constant.  While changes can be daunting, they are also what provide us with opportunity.  Given the fact that moving on from a relationship will mean making changes to routine, use the novelty of your position to redefine the aspects of your life that are in need of some change as well. 

2. Get moving

In order to move through the emotional and mental difficulties of a break-up, it is important to involve the physicality of the body.  Getting out of the house for an afternoon of hiking or an early morning run can be liberating, allow the body to blow off some steam, and purge the mind.  In times of transition, it can be easy to seep into unhealthy patterns.  Making a commitment to exercise will enable your body to better communicate its needs to you and eliminate the tendency for unnatural cravings.  

3. Journal

It is rare that break-ups are entirely clean.  Often the feelings involved are complicated, and it is easy for the mind to spin endlessly over the details. Keeping a journal during a break-up can be useful for two reasons.  Firstly, writing things out can allow the mind to sort and process its emotions and feelings.  Secondly, and most powerfully, a journal can be the place where these emotions and feelings are kept.  Knowing that your thoughts are on paper can allow the mind to focus in a positive direction. 

4. Indulge in your interests

Too often society encourages binging on food, television, and self-loathing for getting through the difficult times.  Instead, remind yourself of your interests and indulge in them for the better.  Splurge on that yoga class or massage you’ve been dying to have, or treat yourself to a raw food dinner with...

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