How to Choose a Pendulum for Chakra Balancing

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By MJ LaDuke • April 25th, 2013 • 9166 Views

How to Choose a Pendulum for Chakra Balancing

Let's begin with what a pendulum is: simply stated, a pendulum is a weight hanging from a fixed point. When pulled and released, the forces of gravity and inertia create movement. However, when no force is inflicted on the weight, something begins to happen naturally; energy moves the weight with a little help from the unconscious mind.

In Chakra Balancing, the pendulum is held over one of the seven major chakras (wheel or disk) and the energy from this source. The energy level will reveal balance, imbalance, or an energy block, by the way the pendulum is moving.

Choosing a pendulum is a very personal thing. You can make your own, but if you are new to dowsing I suggest you purchase one from your local metaphysical store. There are many online, but you cannot test them. Because the energy of your mind is also utilized, you need to be able to clear your mind to choose and use.

When we were young we were "in tune" with life, but now that we are in the adult world, that intuition has diminished, and we have allowed negative energy and programming to consume us. We have lost the ability to connect with the Higher Self. The pendulum, as an extension of the person using it, may be influenced both consciously and subconsciously making the responses accurate, as well as inaccurate. Wishful thinking or a preconceived outcome, however slight, can be magnified, making the use of the pendulum in that instance ineffective. The user must take steps to prevent this through training the mind.

So even before you use a pendulum, you need to clear your mind to choose one. Allow yourself the chance to be drawn to one, should there be too many to choose. Don't touch at first, just look.  Look at the shapes and colors. Some are made of wood, metal or crystals. I find crystals work best for me, but the choice is solely yours and yours alone. Which one are you drawn to? Pick it up. Hold the string, cord, or chain between your thumb and forefinger. Ask the pendulum "show me yes". Wait for it to move and note the direction. After it has stopped, ask it "show me no". Note the direction of movement. Now you can ask "Is this the right pendulum for me?" Note the direction. If there is no movement at all, it clearly is not the pendulum for you even if you like the...

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