6 Ways To Unleash Your Creative Warrior

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By Matt Cooke • November 24th, 2012 • 6124 Views

6 Ways To Unleash Your Creative Warrior

1. Love and Compassion. Be loving and compassionate to everyone you meet today.  Remember though, as Ayn Rand says, you must say the “I” before the “you” in “I love you”.  Give yourself all the love you wish to receive and then go out into the world. Give everything you are, and it will come back a hundredfold.

2. Show Up Everyday. Show up! Right now, in this moment, in your body, in your mental engagement of the present situation.  Show up by boldly and courageously engaging the world and people around you. The majority of us walk around on autopilot most of the time. Instead, when you feel yourself coming alive to the world at any moment, take massive action.  You will, in these moments, be taking the most divinely inspired action, helping you move towards your highest, actualized self.

So how do we show up? By consistently plugging into Source/God/Universe through prayer, yoga, meditation, creating our art, writing, being at work and at play!

3. Mastery is Sexy. Show passion towards what you show up for everyday; let’s call it your creative endeavor. Work consistently everyday taking small, minute steps towards your goals.  Mastery, or a play of complete confidence in our abilities and almost complete control over the circumstances surrounding our endeavor takes place after 10,000 hours!  That’s 10 years at 40+ hours a week of diligent work!  So here’s to mastery, and the small steps towards getting there!

4. Playfulness. By being curious and trying new things, listening constantly, observing everything, and checking our inner landscape, we tap into our innate playful, and curious nature.  This can skyrocket our creative prowess as well, lifting us to new thinking! 

5. Not givin’ a hoot, not worrying about others, just being you.  It really doesn’t matter what others are saying about you, or if they are blaming, or complaining.  You don’t need that petty crap in your life.  You are a creative force to be reckoned with.  Take that time, and dedicate it towards your creative endeavors, mastery, or any other steps to becoming a creative warrior.  Recycle this negative energy into creating new energy towards your work.

6. Move past emptiness. Seeing that nothing is inherently good or bad (emptiness) is awesome!  It takes us out of the victim mindset, into being the creator of our circumstances and being cool with whatever the outcome!  What if in knowing this, we could move towards...

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Starting college as a BFA in Musical Theater, Matt quickly gained a lead role as a freshman, being Berger, in Hair: The Musical.  After receiving this huge ego boost, he then got hit with a flurry of reality...