Castor Oil Packs & Smoothies?

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May 2, 2012 at 12:13pm

Hi there, I've done the castor oil packs before (as seen in Essentials Tips) and i used the flannel pack method. I'm curious about the bath method, but I find the instructions a bit vague.
How long should I leave the castor oil on my stomach before entering the tub?
How long should I soak for in the bath? The same 30-40 minutes as with the heating pad option?
Is it okay to do the Epsom salt soak AND the Castor soak in the same bath?

Thank you, so far I'm absolutely loving this website and this program.
OH, and while we are at it, when I make the "Love your liver" or "Kidney" smoothies, are we supposed to drink the entire amount in a certain period? Or drink as desired? How much would you recommend as a serving size?

Thank you! :) Namaste!