• Summer Yearly Special Is Back!
    Summer Yearly Special Is Back!

    Published August, 2013

    You become flexible as you learn how to breathe into your body and allow yourself to let go. Your mind may try and tell you what you can and cannot do, but as you gently inhale and exhale, and let go of your limiting beliefs, you will begin to appreciate...

  • Renew Your Connection
    Renew Your Connection

    Published August, 2013

    This weekend we invite you to turn your attention inwards with a slow, contemplative yoga practice led by Danielle Mika Nagel. Plus, read on to discover a world of self-love through positive affirmations and a renewed connection to breath and awareness.

  • Delight in Your Practice
    Delight in Your Practice

    Published August, 2013

    This week your challenge is to experiment with spontaneity and full-belly laughter -- the goal is to discover your inner mischievous and curious toddler. Playing like a child involves throwing away both the need for perfection and the need to feel productive....

  • Hurry Up, and Slow Down
    Hurry Up, and Slow Down

    Published August, 2013

    If you've been rushing around all week, this weekend is the perfect time to slow down and melt into deep relaxation. Take some extra time to nurture yourself with a deeply soothing restorative yoga class with Marla Waal. Plus, read on for tips on discovering...

  • Light Your Inner Fire
    Light Your Inner Fire

    Published August, 2013

    Take some action this week. Is there a pose you've always wanted to attempt, or a skill you've always wanted to master? Work past your fear and surprise yourself by trying something new. The following videos and insights will help you to ground yourself...

  • Weekend Warrior
    Weekend Warrior

    Published August, 2013

    This weekend we invite you to build a foundation for strength and flight. Flow through a challenging practice with Kreg Weiss that will leave you feeling awake, inspired and uplifted. Plus, read on to discover how meditation can be an age-defying practice,...

  • Greet the Sun
    Greet the Sun

    Published July, 2013

    Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations are more than just a warm-up in yoga. The sequence is also an act of devotion, honoring the sun for the life it sustains. This week we invite you to greet the day with gratitude as you flow through your practice. Warm...