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san diego, US

Hi my names Zoey or Zoja; i like cold nights, the idea of love, forgetting who i am, and being reckless.
I feel as though I have the entirety of the world inside of me; I have the trees, the water, skyscrapers, everything--all of the world and its energy inside of me, waiting to get out.
I'm living and I've come to really love it.


More About Me

My Occupation is
Receptionist at Salon Forte
Getting certified to be a personal trainer
and later on geophysics when i get my masters

My hobbies/interests are
geology, chakras, hoop dancing, poi, modern dance, fire, aerial silks, stretching, weight lifting, hiking, oceanology

My wellness goals are
to become more rounded mentally.

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
by yoga and meditation and not indulging in material possessions

My inspirations are
my loving boyfriend, friends, my animals, yogis

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