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Raytown, US

I have come to seek exercises to help tone my body and lengthen my muscles. The reason I have come here is because I am actually confused about my gender(more detail down in the other things to share). I hope that isn't too weird. Also I don't like MAJOR bulky muscles and such. I prefer if I had myself a nice evenly toned body. I am 21 y.o. I unfortunately don't get out much not as much as I would like, at least. I like to draw anime/manga pictures. I am a student of The Art Institutes working to become either an animation artist, 3D game modeler, or Video Game concept artist. I am currently unemployed and not sure when I can get to work because of a current family situation. All in all I am just trying to find where I belong emotionally while still getting a good toned body.


More About Me

My Occupation is
I am a student at Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division but I am having plans on transferring to Longview or KCAI to be an "On Campus" student

My hobbies/interests are
I draw digital anime/manga. Play video games every once in a while and I love to walk(would walk more often if I didn't live in a hole lol)

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
Positive attitude and being true to yourself, such as myself with my gender confusion. I know about it and my mom knows about it.

My wellness goals are
To lose about 60 to 70 lbs (I weigh about 230 but am 6' tall), tone my body up to be more feminine, and become more healthy

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
Hopefully through some form of meet up near me because I don't have a very good motivational drive so I need others around to help me out. Not over eating and hopefully one day kick this blasted soda habit.

My inspirations are
Can't say that I have any, at least not off the top of my head.

A little more about me
My Gender confusion has been with me since I was about 10 years old. The thing about it is it comes and goes at random times. Sometimes I am completely feeling like a guy and then other times I completely feel like I am a girl. I don't consider myself homosexual, though. I love hanging out with women and trying to make them feel special whether I just complement them on something or just lend an ear when they have problems. Anyway all I ask is to not be treated weird or different. I want to be friends no matter what and I hope we can be just that. And maybe I can learn the tricks of the trade for being a girl from some of you, which would be fantastic. You know what they say the best way to learn is from the professionals. lol

Anyway, I hope that we can all be friends, benefit from each others company, and hopefully one day have meet ups for exercise.

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