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Dubai, AE

Noura El-Imam, born in Dubai and originally Egyptian, is the founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, offering core-fusion of Yoga and Pilates while hosting stellar Yoga Teacher Trainings in Dubai led by highly respected Yoga experts from abroad. She's also a foodie, jet-set traveler, outdoor enthusiast, a relentless adventurous with a strongly-driven entrepreneurial spirit!


More About Me

My Occupation is
Yogalates Instructor. Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator in the UAE (hosting expert yoga teachers from abroad into Dubai). My website can be found here:

My hobbies/interests are
Swimming, Rock Climbing, Hiking and Travel. I'm a dedicated foodie fanatic and love to cook away innovative recipes!

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
Walking - a lot. Anywhere, anytime. 80% nutrition and 20% workout. The key to staying trim. I pile up more on the savory and less on the sweets....plenty of egg whites and seafood.

My wellness goals are
To improve core strength and overall endurance and tone.

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
Yoga with a focus on core strength and pilates as well as improving my form during weight training. Diversity is the key to activating new muscles such as wall climbing and horse riding. I love to add new 'movements' into my workout to train new muscles.

My inspirations are
Kreg Weiss - he created this fantastic site! And yoga and surf retreat out there made me reflect what I want to do in life. Started up Yogalates Bliss in Dubai after my 8 day retreat and never looked back since.

A little more about me
Believe in yourself and the motto 'everything happens for a reason' is very true...overcoming large and challenging obstacles only prepares you for the best - your passion in life.

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