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Johnstown, US

Growing up on the Mexican border in Texas allows some spice in my life! I season my life in beautiful Pennsylvania with love, spice, and color. When I was introduced to yoga a few years ago, I knew I had found an anchor to support me in embracing myself and life. Through this journey, I have become a Spiritual Healer. This connection with my inner wisdom has allowed me to be loving and authentic as I support others in their healing journey.


More About Me

My Occupation is
Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Consultant, and Writer with specializations in Soul Realignment and Reiki :-)

My hobbies/interests are
My Earthly pleasures include preparing and enjoying delicious and healthful vegetarian cuisine, practicing yoga, writing, traveling, and connecting. I have a deep love for learning and practicing energy healing modalities. I love people, trees, flowers, and animals. Bright colors excite me! :-)

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
Committing to being my own anchor keeps me healthy and grounded. I do this by practicing love, gratitude, and allowing myself creative expression. The tranquility of my inner world is reflected to me in the external world with health, abundance, and joy.

My wellness goals are
I would like to deepen my meditation practice and gain flexibility and strength.

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
A loving commitment and a creative mind ensure that all is possible. This combination allowed me to find this website and join this community! :-)

My inspirations are
We are all spiritual beings inside human bodies. It inspires me that when we allow ourselves to be fully expressed---when we live our lives in accordance to our Soul's highest path and purpose, we are capable of ANYTHING! :-)

A little more about me
"All you need is love."

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