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St. John, VI

From Santa Cruz California, but now live in the Caribbean


More About Me

My Occupation is
I work on a charter boat

My hobbies/interests are
I love to travel the world with my best friend, my nine year old daughter, Phoenix

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
enjoy every moment

My wellness goals are
To respect my mind and body

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    • Lack of Flexibility

      October 31, 2012 at 6:42am

      HI. I am very new to yoga. I just finished the beginner yoga class and feel great. However, when I was watching my own body in comaprison to the instructor and student, I felt as if I was doing everything wrong because my flexibitlity is very bad. I always feel like my spine is not lengthened enough and my body is very tense. I try to relax and focus on my breathing. Will my form just gradually improve as I become more flexible and I shouldn't worry to much about it?

      • Hello Rachael,

        I know where you are coming from - I find that my ability in various postures can change from day to day - or even from morning to evening! I think the personal discovery of new or varying areas of tightness is a big part of the benefit of yoga - the goal is self awareness of your own body rather than looking like the instructor. Keeping your focus on the breath and the quality of movement is an excellent priority. There's a reason it's called a yoga "practice". Stay with it and be curious as to how your body responds!

        All the best,
        Dr. Wiley

        2 years ago in Vancouver, CA

      • Hi Rachael,
        Congratulations on starting yoga. Regardless of experience level, it is important to view teachers (and their positions) as merely guiding points and not a strict comparisons. We are all uniquely designed (especially in regards to bone/joint structures). If you do any 'comparisons' within your practice, this should more of how does my body respond (during and after practice) when I ease towards a suggested alignment. If your body feels resistance as you moves towards a suggested pose, pause and tune into those areas of resistance. Discover what that exact resistance is, can it be gradually released, is it structural resistance that maybe we should not work past, is it functional resistance due to lifestyle patterns? Also important is to feel what happens throughout the entire body as a whole when easing towards a posture - can you retain quality and ease in the spine throughout the entire process AS WELL AS ease of breath. There is no point in trying to bind the arms, touch the toes, or place your foot behind your head if it ends up harming the spine or other joints. You have a miraculous network of feedback and sensory systems ready to be awakened. Learn to listen to them and let them guide you - this can only be achieved by dissolving the Ego and replacing it with respectful awareness. Lastly, feel welcome to always ask teachers for advice and be critical (ie objective thinking) of the information you receive - know the true anatomical function of poses, the benefits, and the contraindications. Educating yourself as your practice progresses is very empowering. Namaste, Kreg

        2 years ago in Montreal, CA

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