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Yellowknife, CA

Born in Yellowknife, NT.


More About Me

My Occupation is
Environmental Assessment and Restoration Technician. Teach Yoga on the side - Design Jewelery, consult as a Gemologist/Goldsmith!

My hobbies/interests are
Adventure - discovering new areas, hiking, all sports, drawing, painting, love exploring new tea/bakery/mom &pa restaurants...list goes on:)

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
Reminder that LIFE is fragile - I had faced a lump in my breast - thankfully I was young enough to heal faster then if I were older. Also, having it caught at a early stage all that was needed were two surgeries and a balanced mind/diet/and a deep soul searching .. which i am still on!

My wellness goals are
Respecting the balance of life (Live eviL) - work hard - rest well - LIVE LIFE AS AN ADVENTURE

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
Support, being true to one self, being balanced( Live eviL) , happy and allowing myself to falter when needed to grow through hard times, to make the good times easier to experience and focus better!

My inspirations are
Inner self (intution) All who I have meet, nature....

A little more about me
FUCK CANCER - I kicked cancer in the ass:) - lucky I had an easy catch... holistic approach is working:) 5 years later BUMP FREE:)

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