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    • January 9, 2013 at 6:07am

      So, its one week down - have been doing some kind of yoga practice everyday - YAY! Managed to drink one litre of water a day - another step in the right direction and cut out all 'whites' from my diet. No white sugar, white rice, white potatoes and white flour.
      So am eating well but hoping the right things.....this week, I will work on my breathing and portions. I do get hungry still. And managed to sneak in a square of nice dark belgian chocolate for dessert every night :) Cannot give up all the vices in one shot!!

      • But the good thing about eating healthy and staying mentally healthy is that we can reward ourselves and enjoy the sweeter things in life moderately without much guilt :)

        2 years ago in Miami, US

      • Thanks - I think the trick is not to cut everything out at one shot - moderation is the name of the game, I think??

        2 years ago in montreal, CA

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      • Knee issues

        January 5, 2013 at 5:44am

        I have knee issues - osteoarthritis. I can no longer do too much in terms of cardio - but am able to do some yoga practices like Kreg's nurturing your knees Hatha yoga practice. What other practices would you recommend - I always go back to that but would like to try something other practice that is not so hard on the knees. How does one 'adjust' the pose so that the knees are not affected?

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        • @jacquesmoss very important that you have balance on all sides of the body - muscles correspond best to having an optimum length/tension relationship ... without balanced tension, muscles either shorten (loosing contractile capacity) or become inhibited and dysfunctional ... so balance is key - if you have less strength or less range of motion on one side, then this the limit to where you should take the stronger/more flexible side ... the lesser side needs to be encourage to 'catch up' while holding back on the greater side

          2 years ago in Montreal, CA

        • @kregweiss
          Thanks Kreg. Will do.

          2 years ago in montreal, CA

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        • July 26, 2012 at 5:26am

          Does anybody have any yoga practices that are not so hard on the knees or help to strengthen the knees? Pls help.

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