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New York City, US


More About Me

My Occupation is
Accounting Administrator

My hobbies/interests are
Nutrition, movies, books ... and I am writing up a philosophy of life right now ...

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
"Find a way" --Diana Nyad, after swimming from Cuba to Key West without fins or shark cages

My wellness goals are
Managing Type 2 Diabetes well, so far. Brought my A1Cs down from 8.3 now to 5.9, with low carbing and mostly aerobic exercise. In addition, I lost over 35 pounds, that I thought would be with me forever. Dietary goals include more organic produce and sparingly any meats.

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
I need to increase my aerobic/cardio activity. Yoga alone will not help me achieve sounder sleep.

My inspirations are
I will always remember the three pilates teachers who spoke to me,

A little more about me
I innovated my own complete yoga-pilates fusion practice ...
I weighed 107 pounds more than I do now, when I had been 24 years old, and had been yo-yoing in weight since forever, and until the year 2002, after which I lost and kept off 50 pounds, on average; now it's over 80 pounds.
No weight loss surgery was ever exploited at any time in this adventure.
I still do yoga from on here, but I am more involved in dance and pilates on this site right now ...

Recent Posts

    • Andrea Roselli of Zenbombshell ... if you Ever Read This

      November 28, 2013 at 8:14pm

      Andrea Roselli of Zenbombshell ... if you Ever Read This

      Please continue with the line drawing time lapses of you doing My Yoga Online videos ... LOVE your music selection ..

      Maybe include more advanced beginner stuff for this lady's viewing pleasure ... and you doing other videos ... or pilates ...

      I mean, I author my own practices these days ... but they are so long ...

      You inspire speeeeeeed ... even if that's an illusion ...

      And, most importantly, you seem humble ...

      • @floating-drumbeat Watching the Andrea Roselli video, I decided NOT to purchase the download of the Janet Stone ... my practice is moving so far in the other direction ... easier on the knees, more hip-opening, enough backbending, but backbending is far from the star of the show (as it comes easy-peasy to me in comparison to a lot of other things ...) .... and whatever arm balances that are not contraindicated for my condition.

        But ...PSHAW!! It does have a lengthy duration ... I'd thrown in the sahanavavatu chant, and pretty much - the WORKS!

        5 months ago in New York City, US

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      • Coco, Jennifer and Janet video Downloads and MY OWN MP3 FILE

        October 14, 2013 at 8:14am

        Coco, Jennifer and Janet video Downloads and MY OWN MP3 FILE

        Home practice overwhelmingly rules.

        It started out being born of necessity. I can ill afford many live yoga classes, nor do any live teacher trainings, live workshops or live retreats … it had started out as a resentful, angry, unbalanced and inelegant highly-structured practice …

        I'd needed more, better influences on it by live classes … Even in my limited, low-value-customer way … I’ve gone to a tiny handful of studios (in the New York City metropolitan area – 6 is a VERY tiny mumber) for 5 of the six years I’ve been practicing yoga regularly … (save for a period of 18 months when I regrouped PSYCHOLOGICALLY -bank account isn’t everything, you know!- practicing only at home …) and will continue …

        However, I do not have my pick of studios. Only a tiny handful have generous expiry dates (by that I mean ONE CALENDAR YEAR or LONGER) on a discounted 10-class pack. I chose the one that just started offering such classes. So sue me if you think this studio shouldn't be a pilates studio ...well, it SURE IS...

        By successive approximations, I now have the yoga practice that works for me … all the time at home ...

        So, on to the dilemma ....

        I’d taken over 100 studio yoga classes(the first BIG, big batch of classes deeply discounted) over the five year period, by the way, and maybe 2 asana workshops and a kirtan workshop. The one thing I miss about the classes – ironically, the woo-woo (possibly to others) -sounding patter (except I’d mostly hated ANY talk during savasana). Yes, the spirituality is important to me. I'd recorded a timed voice-over for that. Semi-successfully the first time. Pretty successfully the second time. My sequence changes slightly each time, and semi-majorly over a very lengthy period of time. However, real-time, in vivo voice recording is a strain on me, and with continuous, banging upstairs neighbor noise canNOT be accomplished during a weekend!

        So, I'd bopped into a Radio Shack - I, who have never so much as owned an iPod need the handholding, not looking for cheapo bargains online; and -You know, I couldn't even stick to having a Smartphone ... I'm a latter Baby Boomer who's never had a bourgeois bohemian/academic/super high tech job so I've never needed mobile technology (nor had I ever been reimbursed by my employer one red cent for it!) ... but I'm using a dedicated little mp3 recorder NOW!

        Here in the more trendy areas, the spiritual patter does sell. And it isn't spiritual bypass by any means. Silence is golden, but only when it is. Done with or without music, NEVER underestimate the motivational power of right speech.

        It is no different - when taken in analogy in the more secular world of physical activity, let's say - than recording positive affirmations on a recording machine ... except here would be the pose cues (this is a flow practice, a structured practice that does not stop moving ...), a few alignment cues ... and philosophy wound in [perhaps later editions would have some chakra talk, but that is not what I am ready to do without further self-study... at NO cost but time...

        Rome was not built in a day.

        And neither is a self-practice.

        This is a MEMORY tool (as well as a ME-mory tool). So at the end of an 11 hour day (including commute) I WON'T HAVE TO THINK.

        Um, I am planning on downloading Coco Finaldi, Janet Stone and Jennifer Maagendans videos off (as an expired premium member--but if this post publishes, I'M STILL A MEMBER!) ... for inspiration to my mp3 creations (the spiritual parts/right speech/spiritual orientations)...not quitesomuch for the practices themselves ... my previous downloads were (subconsciously) for more or less the SAME reasons--BUT they were extremely mild practices--well within my skill level (and with no inversions); except for about a third of them, which have fast sequences and/or non-inversion-y arm balances I can't do ...

        Just that many download practices (from other sites such as and lose track of the power of a spiritually-driven class orientation ... and are just sequence-move callers, IMHO ....

        This of course, is pilates-(somewhat-)infused yoga plus pranayama (breath-retention exercises).

        Incidentally, while alignment-oriented AND infused with spirituality and affirmations (from the mp3 prompting) this mildest form of power yoga actually delivers on managing my cardiovascular issues, for a change ...

        This second file is 88 minutes long (the first mp3 was only 82 minutes) my own proprietary yoga practice.

        Of course, I'm not the Rodney Yee of vinyasa yoga (from the Gaiam Audio Yoga mat fame) ...

        I ain't trying to be .. I've got a LOT of philosophical chops compared to a Rodney Yee (I don't know how I fit in the spiritual speechifying while practicing--let's just say it has been EXTREMELY straining on me; and I had to drop the chanting the second time), I'm not so-so-SOOOO about alignment; and I'm certainly no professional yoga teacher ... I needed my audio for the right speech element (which I definitely still have) ... and judging by my other movement participation, including a live studio pilates class ... I'm cross-training A-okay even in that department ...

        Production values while still far from professional or perfect, are much tighter this time!

        I might just wear this mp3 file out, if I play it on this PC .. using Windows ...

        Gotta study this first, if I want to stick it on itunes and forego the light show for even better playback ...

        as in someone possibly stealing work from me ...

        Although, I tried it once so far; it kicked my butt because I'd been hungry from shopping some sales right in the neighborhood ... stores uncrowded ... most people at home or away or in the City (not very locally shopping) ... with today (Columbus Day) off ... a FIRST for my company, and probably having something to do w/ the United States government shutdown ...

        Used an ILLUME Oceano scented candle plus a battery-powered pillar candle (had been marked down at Pier 1) in Lavender scent (further away) ...

        Was greeted with a wonderful light show at the end of practice ... volume much higher than that of the playback on the file when it was just from the recording device ,,,

        And... neighbor noise continued throughout the practice .

        Nooo PROBLEM ... it reminded me of yoga at the gym ... a most pleasant memory at times ... but gym yoga had been a TOO-pleasant memory ...

        All THIS without a mean-ass yoga teacher riding my back!!

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          • Solstice Yoga in NYC's Times Square Blog

            June 21, 2013 at 8:58pm

            Well, I was in Times Square at the Solstice Celebration ... and took a class after work. I had to travel (well off the beaten path from where in New York City metropolitan area) nearby there to run an errand, anyway.

            It was great!
            And it made me appreciate taking the different approach.

            Okay ... :-)

            That was the public relations answer. Now here the balanced answer--the truth.

            If you know Times Square in New York City, during tourist/wedding/grad/dad/summer camp season, then you know what crowds are ... why would that go away just because someone organized (and they did a masterful job, if I may say so) a mega-class?

            Well, I'd never been in a large yoga class. Simply because I commute from outer borough to outer borough within New York City, and did not pick that kind of studio, to date. So this was a whole new world, opened up to me.

            Now, the class is also, informally, by donation ... and I did choose to donate a more-than-nominal amount ... not the Andrew Jackson face one, but not so much south of that ... They said give "what you'd normally pay for a yoga class" ... so I gave that ... in truth, what I'd paid for my last donation class (a few years ago) ...

            The mats were somewhat close together, but not the proverbial one inch between mats. However, this was also in a nether section of the square. When you are teaching 4,000 people, only a select few will get the stage view.

            I sat behind several women in well-cared-for Lululemon outfits. No joke There were no props.
            Knowing I'd need one, I'd improvised with a hardcover book. That thought had occurred to me within hours of arriving there. Did not get to use the strap I'd brought.

            There was an hour waiting (standing! It's a good thing there is over 30 pounds less of me than two years ago; and that my orthotics are new) to get in the gate. Once in, another 20 minutes of sitting cross legged (my sit bones on the book) waiting for announcements, etc. and the class to start.

            It was a great class.

            I could tell you more, but all I know is my fellow MYO members are going to tell everyone how much they liked the last video they did from on here ...

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              • "Home Yoga Practice is Underrated" I said to T'ai Chi Teacher

                May 30, 2013 at 7:32am

                Sam Weinstein commented on Breaking up with Your Yoga Teacher: The Yoga Teacher's Point of View. - elephant journal: Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality.:

                in a comment, says:

                RE: Breaking up with your yoga teacher
                "At our Yoga school we have a long standing practice of an open door and no guilt. This enables the student that searches out other methods or schools to not be to embarrassed to come back if they find out the grass was not greener or to just check in for an occasional visit. In fact we have found a student may disappear for years even say 15 years and then come back and truly ready to commit to the yoga and the body.
                This keeps guilt and embarrassment from blocking there return and or to encourage them in the practice of yoga where ever they go. Yes you still get the student that tries to kill mommy or daddy by blaming the teacher for the departure and yes that can hurt. You can also not expect to never come into conflict with a student. That can be part of life. But being guilt free and an open door both ways truly helps
                Sam Weinstein Home of Yoga Mosman Park Western Australia "

                At-home cardio in the house--mostly Belly Dance Aerobics (at this writing), speaking in this blog. At this point, a former regular primarily at-home yoga practitioner.

                I have the muscle-type to prove it now. Lengthy arm muscles engendered of the lightest isotonic work. Legs very slender now, with lengthy quads.

                I did the most every day.

                But diabetes mellitus Type 2 (not the mildest case coming in), changed all the yoga practice, both in quantity and actual ability ... getting nearly uncontrollable muscle cramps and falling out of postures at home alone is a bit scary ... we are not talking hyper-advanced postures here.

                However, I have pride in what has gone before.

                While I'd been registering for my Indian dance class at a nearby studio that shall remain nameless--needless to say, this and all the other dance classes (sprinkling of belly dance, to be precise) is a poorly scheduled class for MOST people, not THIS Road Warrior, and so in bulk the price was a steal and a lot cheaper than the carriage-trade yoga class prices. I was listening to the business manager speak to a new yoga student (on a monthly unlimited Special intro pass, which comes in about just under 4 times the price of my one-hour dance class--actually a one-off Yelp deal (and even that is a Special ... but the dance class package, as alluded to earlier in the paragraph, is a real steal--and I jumped at it.)

                I waited until the student had left the studio.

                I said I didn't want to say anything, but I reminded this business manager, that she shouldn't have agreed with the new student that doing yoga at home was so bad, as the student told her she felt it was. HOME YOGA PRACTICE IS UNDERRATED.

                [Obviously, I'm not as hard-line as I used to be .. I used to sort of be looking for "converts" to home practice ...]

                Well, as it so happens, the substitute T'ai Chi teacher - arriving very early before his upcoming class to teach that day - overheard me talking about my opinions, and asked me why I felt it had not been necessary or even sufficient to be [in euphemism here] continuously and constantly "sharing my yoga practice" with others.

                I laid it on the line, and said that with my schedule and my finances, it was the only way for me to go. When the studio former owner had not appreciated that--and actually practically all accept The Yoga Teacher to the Future Yoga Rock Stars--tried to discourage that--this T'ai Chi teacher then continued as to why I didn't consider coming back to taking yoga at The Nameless ... different teachers, etc. It HAS been two years and nine months since I'd last been a customer--in blue pixel on blue- white background on their computer screen ...

                I said I did run into loads of flak about this, that they don't teach my preferred style of yoga, and that I had nothing to prove to anybody. "Do I have to prove that I could stand on my head?!" ... I exclaimed.

                [Of course, I would not literally try to stand on my head now in my ISCHEMICALLY diseased condition, but that is a point of rhetoric at this point.]

                So, he realized what I was getting at, and with the implicit and explicit sprituality of each of the two disciplines ... he agreed that yoga studios have to make money,

                and ... all-in-all it pays to be a softer line on this ..

                I told him he seems like a very good T'ai Chi teacher, and to teach a great class, like I know he would.

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                  • Yoga, Type 2 Diabetes and Me--A Warning for "Pre Diabetics"!

                    February 9, 2013 at 8:34am

                    At this writing, l am weighing 78 pounds less than in my youth. About 8 pounds over my goal weight, and a loss of 6 pounds since joining My Yoga.

                    So, now, what is the problem?

                    I think the yoga, and the pilates. Not cardio enough.

                    I think the diet, the SAD but calorie-controlled, flexitarian variety of same: Not South Beach-ish enough ...

                    [SAD stands for Standard American Diet ...]

                    I know my lifestyle of a lot of environmental noise and vibration pollution where I live and sleep helped engender this problem. The Diabetes range (not quite the lowest border--I tested in at 195 mg/dL, never going through a pre-diabetes phase) was a build-up over a few years. Not totally asymptomatic. But such mild, ignorable symptoms.

                    I did not go on the medication (Metformin) right away ... I wanted to try a little experiment.

                    So, for what it's worth, my symptoms (suddenly not mild anymore; remember, I had hesitated to take medication by then, but they seemed to be worsening by the day--me having a sore throat, hocking up loads of blood on the side that DID NOT GET tonsilitis ..)

                    This turned out to be NOT a mistake by a long shot.

                    I did my first yoga practice--an active, lengthy practice, as you may know if you read my blogs--in 3 weeks ... yesterday, a snow day ...

                    I caretake an elderly relative in addition to a lengthy commute to a full-time job, that does not pay enough for me to farm out household chores (sad, huh?) . And I have been a cholesterol patient for 17 years, though I never have spoken about THAT ... just because it had been stabilized ...]

                    About three weeks ago, within the space of 12 hours, without diabetes meds, I tried yoga as (in my apartment) ... just under an hour was all I could take before my left leg cramped up again and again [it had done that, to a lesser degree, in my pilates mat class, but not enough to disturb the energy of the class], even though I have been much more cross-trained in vinyasa yoga than my cardio of choice which is freeform ecstatic dance -- (yes, deeming 5 Rhythms not cardio enough ...) ...

                    Yes, without meds, I ascertained that yoga asana practice would not serve me insomuch as I have been feeling a lot better, most likely due to changes in type of exercise .. I have to be using the largest muscles of my body, in a rapid, repetitive fashion (a.k.a. aerobic or cardio activity). such that it actually causes me to break a sweat ... if I have less than an hour to do that in ... AND - BELIEVE ME, I DO!!

                    Seems that highly cardio but low impact dance is my yoga, now ... belly dance full of shimmies, ecstatic freeform dance full of skipping, etc. ...

                    {Don't worry; I'd started taking my medication now ... about 2 weeks ago}

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                      • Back to the Future Self Practice

                        January 5, 2013 at 8:32pm

                        Got my practice down to 68 minutes. Down from hovering around the 100 min mark all the time. My sequencing is better-

                        I will let the pieces fall where they may, as such. Since I meditate again, in order to help me sleep I have more leeway in how I practice vinyasa yoga these days.

                        A shorter practice both cross trains me better to the dvds and downloads I have and acts as possible incentive to do it more frequently.

                        • Ahh, my core is burning right now. I can only imagine what might ache once my injured finger gets totally better ...

                          about a year ago in New York City, US

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                        • January 4, 2013 at 7:00pm

                          I'd really needed to do my own yoga routine after work, but as it was at work yesterday, I'd banged my finger really bad and it bled and I still had to use the hand keying in for my job. Then, looking at (= viewing without sound) some of the videos on this site that are really in heavy rotation by other MYO members right now, I am seeing shades of having to put an earlier version of my practice into the mix. To keep it at about 70 minutes, tops--WITH the apex pose. Sacrificing leg strength development. I mean, camel pose gives me more than doing a lengthier-held funky version of Sun Salute B in terms of knee rehab ... Mainly trading off some calming effects for time constraints .. I did do yoga last night--my Jonathan Urla Yogilates 3 ... all except the last 8 or 10 minutes (that meant no dancer, no shoulderstand but a LOT of pilates) .. I modify that dvd down to the usual "All Levels" kind of level ... I know what I have to do... Incidentallly, it has been nearly a year since doing that dvd ... and I noticed increased flexibility, grace and balance (the strength was the same in my legs--and where the finger did not get in the way--in my arms; but I had been quite the washout when I'd first got that dvd, about 2-1/2 years ago ...)

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                            • A Practice fit for a Queen

                              December 30, 2012 at 8:24am

                              I did my self-sequence again, with the apex pose. I decided that apex poses featuring backbends or early-intermediate arm balances will be in the heaviest rotation. This is because I can approach them, do them, balance somewhat in them, prop intensively for them without compromising my balance ... all the things necessary for self-instruction sans spotter--video/audio or no video/audio.

                              I also do not own a bolster, meditation cushions, 3 minute eggs or any fancy apparati because my former body sculpting fitness tools take up too much room-- and I have no room. I will not use a wall to teach myself headstand. I don't have room for the head-through body benches.

                              The thing I MUST have is an apex pose. I feel so much better afterwards. Like a great euphoria (and a feeling of being wired for sound and video) that washes over me anywhere from 95 to about 120 minutes after practice is done. Now, I have to get the time down from over 80 minutes again ...

                              That may be impossible.

                              My neck hurt so much, nearly 20 hours after said last yoga practice. At T + 22, it does not hurt much. Maybe partially a spillover effect of the winter storm that resulted in my skipping pilates class, which may have helped me more. (I do have borderline hyperkyphosis.) So, no Hemalayaa Bollywood dance for me today. It will aggravate the neck. I probably could trace the fleeting neck pain back to the Sethu Bandasana-style transition into Urdhva Dhanurasana .... So, perhaps I will do my Bollywood Boogie routine from amazon Unbox, instead ...

                              Other than a couple issues, I am loving my yoga practice.

                              • Yes, I talk about the physical a lot. I find it refreshing to be talking about that BECAUSE I had been a meditation addict for about 7 years--no movement associated with the meditation. But the contemplative nature of my practice does not suffer, because I practice -- of course, down at my own level -- in a contemplative way ... really on the cusp of being parasympathetic and prana inducing ...

                                about a year ago in New York City, US

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                              • December 25, 2012 at 4:21pm

                                About to take on the Hemalayaa video from here. But modify it. Have reason to believe it made my knees sensitive to this trouble in the first place. About 90% stabilized right now (or so I told my pilates instructor Saturday--but that had been a dry day) ... I think I could do it. I did 80 minutes of my mostly-yoga practice earlier today. My shoulders are killing me from that practice. Hemalayaa Bollywood dance won't task my shoulders. Ten minute rule, is going to rule this time ... Nothing personal, Hema ... you actually float my boat pose ...!

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                                  • Apex Poses - More than One ?

                                    December 18, 2012 at 11:32am

                                    My home self-sequence is over 4 years in the making. I reserve the right to have a shared apex pose if full expression cannot be realized at this time in two poses after 5-1/2 years of regular yoga practice. Too bad I could not keep it down to 75 minutes. Unless I know the rest of the sequence absolutely cold (a rare occurrence; by that time, I'm bored enough to advance and/or tweak)--and I'm not needing to tweak and experiment trial-and-error style.

                                    That being said, yesterday evening's shared apex pose - a double-billing in flashing lights --was tripod headstand and pendant pose.

                                    The pendant pose I totally taught myself from books and videos--did not get taught that at my first studio ... they'd never been able to get me into kakasana either. Headstand (classical arms version) had been totally assisted - AND using a wall (against their policy, but there is a very long story on that ...); suffice to say, tripod headstand they were sane about with me ... and never expected much ... at all ...

                                    I actually do not have the requisite longer upper arm to forearm proportions needed to do justice to the classical arms version without hurting my neck (if that ever comes to fruition)--in fact, my forearms are blatantly a LOT longer than my upper arms.

                                    If I may say so myself, I do have the tools. I have not been to a live yoga class at a studio or elsewhere since October 9, 2011--and I may never return.

                                    It's not really personal.

                                    I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when my discounted class pack for mat pilates runs out LONG before its (generous) expiration date.

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                                      • Full Wheel which I thought I'd Never Be able to Do Ever Again

                                        December 16, 2012 at 5:52pm

                                        Not just because my knee pain has vanished for the most part, and my torn meniscus has stabilized.
                                        Not just because I grokked that my arms had to be in a different position on start for leverage than they had been earlier on (one's body is always, always changing)*
                                        Not just because of my new sequence with the one apex pose per session (and this time it lasted about 80 minutes--using my intuition, I forgot not to put in some extra standing balancing backbends--knowing that full wheel was the apex pose.
                                        And not just because I forgot .. a bunch of other things I usually do to prime myself for my practice ... like downing a cuppa or taking a green tea supplement ...

                                        So, maybe my heart center was feeling especially open.

                                        Anyway, I really have to rotate apex poses each session. So far, it is turning out that Kakasana is in heaviest rotation so far ... Now, tomorrow I will not have the time for a session on my mat that goes into overtime; so - although I'm not exactly friends with inversions, I did hold shoulderstand for the longest time ever, since doing yoga at the overheated, trendy studio back when there'd still been room for me in their Level 1 class (where I should have stayed even longer--after it was time for me to "move on")--my toes went a little numb, and the preprogrammed music ran out right after I was done with matsyasana - the shoulderstand counterpose - and just starting savasana. Of course, I needed my thick Mexican blanket. Because not only do I not like inversions, including shoulderstand (however, I love plow and viparita)--for the past year and a half of my practice, this queen of poses has been hurting my neck and shoulderblades when I didn't use the prop ...


                                        *Note that in Body by Bethenny, Bethenny countermands one of the guiding alignment principles set forth by Kristin McGee (re. foot position); and has no trouble executing full wheel pose ...
                                        On that dvd, all I do from it is the 40 minute yoga section and Core Fusion "taster" with Elizabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito

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                                          • Yoga for a Short-Torsoed "Curvy" Older Lady

                                            December 15, 2012 at 2:43pm

                                            A string of standing balancing backbend "beads" on a Parsvottanasana "chain"

                                            That is the secret of my self-sequenced practice. Rather than take my body through a vinyasa, I will strengthen my pecs and biceps with the push-ups themselves.

                                            Speaking as someone 58 years old and not small, overly bendy or thin.

                                            Although I do have a practice (though not from here) that I downloaded, that has a Camatkarasana "chain" at the height of its sequence programming. (It's not Flowmotion, but it's very similar--supposedly draws from Qi Gong ...) Well, I won't take too well to that practice, for obvious reasons--but I still can learn from it ... and I won't be doing it often since my lower back takes the brunt of it

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