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Sheffield, GB

Budding Yogi of almost 3 years, I love all sports, travelling and meeting people from different cultures. I am on a personal mission to become bendier as I get older!!


More About Me

My Occupation is

My hobbies/interests are
Travelling, Yoga, Tennis, Scuba Diving

One secret that helps me to stay healthy is
Green tea! And the occasional glass of's good for my sanity!

My wellness goals are
A flat stomach!

I see myself achieving my wellness goals by
Starving myself...just joking!! Exercise, diet, and yoga of course!!

My inspirations are
Lance Armstrong - such determination in the face of adversity!
Nelson Mandela - remaining positive when faced with such repression!
Gandhi - achieving progress through peace is a wonderful ambition but one which seems beyond our global community!

A little more about me
I am currently conducting a poll to determine which online yoga subscription people feel is best. Please Share your thoughts with me at

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    • April 4, 2013 at 11:15am

      I really love the twisting detox flow although not entirely sure how to line up my feet on the pose before twisting half moon! Awesome views too...

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