• sabri67
    Finding Direction

    14 minutes ago in rome, IT

    Wonderful class for starting the day. It wake up the all body. Don't let you scare from the "advanced" level, I would say more intermediate.

  • Subulux
    Earth: For Grounding Body and Mind

    37 minutes ago in Pune, IN

    I love to do the short work-place yoga - because it doesn't deter you and ensures that you show up at least. Getting 10 minutes of yoga so easily into your schedule like this is brilliant! Thankyou so much!

  • Androjas
    Yin Yoga for the Four Quadrants of the Legs

    about 52 minutes ago in Gothenburg, SE

    @bernieclark thank you for your answer. My physiotherapist has recommended a lot of back bends as you suggest, and asked if I had radiating pain in my legs, which until them I had not experienced. The pain in my back has gotten better but I worry about...

  • Elambia
    Sexy Six Pack

    about 2 hours ago

    Love it !!!!

  • montlake
    Finding Direction

    3 hours ago in Jerusalem, IL

    This practice worked well for my needs today, but it is in no way an advanced practice. I would call it a short, mild, basic intermediate practice. Thanks.

  • IreneHumphrey
    Faith Hunter Spotlight

    about 4 hours ago in Dubai, AE

    Faith, you are so inspiring. When are you coming to Dubai?

  • IreneHumphrey
    Freedom to Create

    5 hours ago in Dubai, AE

    Amazing, peaceful, grounded. Thank you, this makes my sunny morning shine from within.

  • Yaxier
    Durga Vinyasa, a Warrior Practice

    5 hours ago in Chicago, US

    Not a night time practice :-)

  • myfrankypoo7
    Ashley Turner

    5 hours ago

    Hi, I am new to this site and new to yoga, and meditation. I bought a dvd of yours Ashley and did the practice in my closet ( it's a big closet ). I was elated the rest of the day! I felt so good. I joined M Y O and am soooo glad to find your videos....

  • Mmalletz
    Introducing Week Two of Our Free Online Film Festival

    5 hours ago

    videos don't work on android tablets.