Sivana Spirit: Tuesday Giveaway

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Posted on January 29th, 2013

Sivana Spirit: Tuesday Giveaway

Win $150 at Sivana Spirit!

This week's question: What does 'OM' mean to you?


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This weeks prize: A $150 credit for Sivana Spirit's online store!

OM is the cosmic sound of the universe, the sound of all sounds, the origin of being and the end of being, the first and last word of creation.  According to Hindu tradition, everything in the manifested universe has it's source in OM, the Primordial Vibration: all material objects, all living beings, all spiritual teachings, scriptures, knowledge and language. OM is God, and God is OM.

Sivana is based in the yoga beach culture of Encinitas California. Brothers Benn and Sam relaunched the business last year with a fresh approach, a new look to the family business. Our concept is rooted in Eastern spirituality - providing support, inspiration and cool stuff for yoga, higher consciousness and sustainable living.

Sivana Spirit is giving one lucky winner a $150 credit to their online store!

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