Why I Teach Yoga

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By Christopher Roberts • November 18th, 2012 • 7713 Views

Why I Teach Yoga

Yoga to me as always been more about the mind, body, spirit connection than just about the poses. The physical benefits of yoga are countless of course, including strength and flexibility. But yoga has led me to something more than that-- a connection to myself. Yoga has helped me through some struggles in my personal life, by giving me a healthy connection to my body. It helps to calm my mind, allowing me to focus on what is truly important in my life. Yoga has shown me how to be more compassionate and caring to myself and to the world around me.

Many people come to yoga for the physical benefits, and miss out on the spirit/mind connection. Yoga to them is just a means to find a cool pose that they can strike for friends at parties, they use it to get a workout in and sweat a little, nothing changes in them; just the outside, just the body. And that's okay, because that is what they need from yoga. As a yoga teacher it is not for me to judge what people need when they step on their mat, it's my job to give them all I can during that hour or so class. But for me, it goes deeper.

As a new teacher, I have been slowly working on building my classes. Some days I'm only teaching to two or three people and some days I'm teaching to a packed room. I begin to wonder when I'm going to have a steady following, because let's face it, yoga is still a job for me. I still have to earn enough to pay my bills. Not that I'm teaching solely to earn a living. I decided to teach because what yoga has done for me—it was a gift I wanted to share with others. I want to be healthy, and inspire others to be healthy.

Last night, I found myself teaching to two people. About ten minutes into the class I saw a head poke into the door, so I walked over to greet the person. She asked me if this was yoga and could she join. This class was part of a registered series, and students pay up front. The studio usually doesn’t allow others to partake of these classes if they have not paid but I decided to let her in since the...

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