Articles About Meditation

  • Discover the Wisdom Within
    Discover the Wisdom Within

    Author Carolyn Anne Budgell

    Such a lightness. Such a stillness. When I am here for myself. A sense of ease emerges.
  • Pranayama for Health and Vitality
    Pranayama for Health and Vitality

    Author Lilamaya (Liliana Galvis)

    Prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifested in the universe. It is the vital force, Sukshma. Breath is the external manifestation of Prana. By exercising control over this gross breath, you can control the subtle Prana inside. Control of Prana means control of mind. Mind cannot operate without the help of Prana. It is the Sukshma Prana that is intimately connected with the mind. Prana is the sum total of all latent forces which are hidden in men and which lie everywhere around us. Heat, light, electricity, magnetism are all the manifestations of Prana. Prana is related to mind; through mind to the will; through will to the individual soul, and through this to the Supreme Being.
  • 7 Naturopathic Treatments For Chronic Pain
    7 Naturopathic Treatments For Chronic Pain

    Author Talia Marcheggiani

    At any one time, anywhere from 10 to 55  per cent of the population is suffering from chronic pain. It is one of the conundrums of conventional medicine because, once the initial trauma (the broken bone, bruising, cut, etc.) is dealt with, there are not many options for managing it. Pain medications usually have a host of side effects and offer only modest results. Many people are forced to live with pain, watching as their lives and well-being eventually deteriorate and they lose the ability to perform the activities they once loved. Thankfully, naturopathic medicine offers a variety of solutions for treating pain that can give you the chance to get your life back.
  • 5 Ways to Start a Meditation Practice
    5 Ways to Start a Meditation Practice

    Author Sherri Simpson

    Meditation, meditation, meditation. I know you have been seeing the term everywhere. Perhaps you have been thinking that you should try this magical practice. I think meditation is popping up more and more because as a society we are really stressed out. We do more in a day than humans should be expected to do in a week. We have long lists of to-do items and we feel guilty if all the items are not crossed off at the end of the day. We expect a lot from other people, and even more from ourselves. No wonder the Universe keeps lovingly throwing meditation into our vision. As individuals, and as a society, we need meditation more than ever.
  • 3 Simple and Profound Tips to Improve Your Meditation Practice
    3 Simple and Profound Tips to Improve Your Meditation Practice

    Author Lilamaya (Liliana Galvis)

     Meditating is not something that you are forced to do, it is a developed skill which comes to those that seek it.
  • Self-Care is Not Selfish
    Self-Care is Not Selfish

    Author Sherri Simpson

    We have made it into 2014. If you follow astrology, you may have read that this will be a much more introverted year for most of us. It will be the year of self-care.Often, we spend morning, noon, and night doing things and buying things for others. 
  • How Do We Reconnect When Lonely?
    How Do We Reconnect When Lonely?

    Author Silvia Mordini

    Is Facebook making us lonely? In yogic terms one of the root causes of suffering is the perception of being alone. We think no one else feels what we feel, therefore no one else understands what we're experiencing. When our seventh chakra, the crown chakra, is blocked we feel lonely and disconnected. The work of this chakra is then to bring healing to the ailment of loneliness.