5 Ways to Keep the Yoga Vibe Alive

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By Dr. Divi Chandna • November 5th, 2012 • 8927 Views

5 Ways to Keep the Yoga Vibe Alive

Many of us, myself included, show up on the yoga mat regularly. We do it for many reasons including sanity, health, breathing, fitness and simply to feel good. When my son was much younger, I found that it was the only break I would get in the whole day. Between diaper changes and breast milk pumping, I needed some adult interaction, but mostly I needed to use my breath to realign in my body.

Like most of you, when I leave my yoga mat, I feel alive, connected and joyous. I like to call that space of alignment our "spirit space". Some days, however, within a few minutes of reimmersion into the real world, my mind gets involved and that amazing feeling from my yoga mat can quickly transform into something else. Here is a list of five things that you can do to keep a calm mental state and open heart throughout the day.

1. Set an affirmation. When you  first step onto your yoga mat, set an affirmation for the day. Make it simple, such as a few words or a catch phrase. That affirmation is very personal and depends on what you are going through in your life. Some of my affirmations include: "love heals," "breathe today" and "happiness is your natural state of being." Every day you will choose a different affirmation. As you move through your day, remind yourself of this affirmation multiple times. It will help to remind you of how your body felt when you were standing on your yoga mat and actually breathing.

2. Breathe. Many of us spend our days being very busy and multitasking. This takes us outside of our center which was one of the main reasons we stepped on our yoga mat in the first place! Throughout the day, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. I try to do this exercise one to two times per hour through the course of my day simply to remind myself of my truth and ultimate connection.

3. Meditate. Remember the practice of yoga is to prepare the mind for meditation. Personally, I practice my yoga in the morning and I make sure to find another 15-20 minutes later in the day for meditation. The more you can meditate, the easier it is to maintain that calm feeling you obtain on your yoga mat throughout...

Dr. Divi Chandna

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Dr. Divi Chandna is a practicing family physician and certified medical intuitive. She spent years teaching yoga, meditation and mind-body medicine courses. She has written books and speaks internationally about health and wellness. Dr. Divi believes...