• testimonial quotesI am 59 years old and have spent years sitting and doing nothing. My Yoga Online, is wonderful.....I am engaged every night...I am sleeping better. I sit all day in front of multiple computer screens and the stretches help me physically and the meditations help me mentally. This is wonderful...I am so glad I found My Yoga Online..

    - Cathie
    Kaufman, USA

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy My Yoga Online, it's a great resource to have. As a
    newly certified yoga teacher I am finding so much helpful information
    here! Thank you! I am very elated to be on this journey in my life &
    look forward to helping others in theirs as well.

    - Casandra
    Colorado, United States

  • testimonial quotesMYO has got me back on the mat after three long years of struggling to find the time, energy and inspiration to practice alone. As a new mother, the practice I'd done over the previous 12 years gave me the strength, resilience and courage to get through a challenging first 18 months...but I'd been running on empty for a while and have been unable to get to classes to reinspire me so this has been a life saver. I'm on the mat twice a day now and intend to keep it that way as much as possible - it's fantastic to have such an amazing resource a click away and I already feel so much more spacious. My toddler even keeps quiet and watches the videos while I practice if he wakes up before I'm finished. Hurray! Gratitude... Namaste.

    - Fiona
    Bristol, UK

  • testimonial quotesDear MYYogaOnlie,
    I would like to thank you all for doing such an amazing job with this site. Since I have discovered your site, I have never stopped. Your site provides so much for me in my life. I love all the programs. I honestly love so many of the teachers, if not most. They all give something unique of their selves. I find myself gushing to clients about what your site has done for me. I love that I can wake up and begin my practice. I love that I don't have to do anything but throw on my clothes and turn on the computer. Please keep the programs coming, I love them! I am pretty sure I have done them all.
    I want you all to know you have made a huge impact on my life, and i plan on being a lifetime member! One last thing, I am located in the midwest, and I love all of your videos filmed in outdoor settings. I can visualize I am there as well.
    Thank you with all my heart,

    - Sarah

  • testimonial quotesI love you guys! I have been a member since January 1st and promote your community, videos and resources to my friends, fellow yogis and community. Thank you so much and so proud to know your representing our beautiful country and spreading yoga love across the globe!

    - Vanessa
    Peace River, AB, Canada

  • testimonial quotesDo not know how I landed here on your site but all things for a reason
    yes? I always trust there is a purpose to all surprises. I am finding
    something here that is hopeful and inspiring..a craving? a
    possibility? Perhaps a promise whispered in my ear by my spirit? I
    thank you for this gift. Namaste

    - Jennifer

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much for the goddess series! I really learned a lot and
    have continued my interest in the Gods and Goddesses!

    - Melinda
    Lyons, United States

  • testimonial quotesFrom LIlla's Yoga and You in the 70's to MyYogaOnline, technology just keeps getting better and better. From when I joined MyYogaOnline in 2008 to now, MyYogaOnline just keeps getting better and better. This website is my lifesaver, and I will be forever grateful for those of you who make it such a wonderful community. Thank you.

    - Laurie
    Jacksonville Beach, USA

  • testimonial quotesTo say that Yoga Online has changed my life would be an understatement. I used to struggle to make it to 1 yoga class per week. I now practice every single day because it is so convenient to do so. The teachers are world class experts and the variety of classes is limitless. I have recommended countless friends to join My Yoga Online because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this incredible resource. Namaste.

    - Erin
    Toronto, Canada

  • testimonial quotesAfter 3 years of not being able to get to studio classes (due to time, money and childcare commitments), it's been great having this resource at my fingertips. The unlimited, 24-7 access to asana, nutrition, meditation, articles and COMMUNITY has really helped me to get back to my mat. I can come to my practice as early in the morning or late at night as necessary (basically, whenever my toddler is asleep!). It's helping me to bounce back from long-standing injury and manage my stress levels from a new, more demanding position at work. I couldn't be happier with MYO! I keep recommending you to everyone I know...

    - Kelli
    London, United Kingdom

  • testimonial quotesThe Anahata practices were exactly what I needed as a personal focus in my life, and the dedication to the eight days of practice has helped include yoga in my daily life, again. Much gratitude for posting and encouraging me (and everyone in the MYO community) to realize themselves, even if just a little more than yesterday. Thank you!

    - Nicole
    Columbus, United States

  • testimonial quotesThank you for offering the Heart Guide. It was quite a profound experience for me. I am so thankful for your website/community. With two young children, it’s just too hard to get to a studio on a regular basis, but MYO allows me to still feel connected to a yoga community and it helps me to add some variety to my daily practice. I have learned sooooo much since joining, through the articles, workshops, and practices. Thank you!!!

    - Nichola
    Calgary, Canada

  • testimonial quotesMy lovely yogis` !!
    After my best friend died I didnt have the energy or will to go to the studios. Having practising YOGA for almost 11 years now I felt totally empty ....
    When I found you guys here , you came into my home and send me LIGHT & LOVE .... I feel so grateful and humble. THEN , a few months ago my MUMMY died, very sudden, and the light love hope < GONE! so young, full of life and laughter every day , my mummy .... gone. So empty inside , but still with a little light inside, and a little warrior :) .... DO NOT GIVE UP! I once again joined Clara , Mara , and all you beautiful teachers , again, And felt the light and LOVE in my heart again. How can I thank you , just want you to know how grateful I am. MYO , thank you for being my guide in my worst time in my young life.

    Keep up the good work, and lets be grateful, humble and show what real LOVE is. Smile and be kind towards one another....

    with all my love , Therése <3<3<<3))

    Om shanti!

    - Therése
    Göteborg, Sweden

  • testimonial quotesThank you for providing me and the rest of the MYO community with the opportunity to participate in these practice guides. It's such a great way to get involved and keep the motivation high to complete a yoga video, especially after the end of a long day. Thanks!

    - Melissa
    Mount Pleasant, USA

  • testimonial quotesMYO has been a healing aid for me. Yoga helps tremendously with my chronic pain, and keeps me strong. I love the flexibility of the classes. The search bar is awesome, too! I can really narrow day what kind of practice I need for the day. The people in the community are encouraging, and the teachers are interactive, which is awesome in an online setting! I recently participated in one of the challenges, and can't wait til the next one! The challenges are great motivators for days when I don't feel like working out. Thanks MYO for this great yoga site!

    - Melissa
    Charleston, USA

  • testimonial quotesMYO has been the best thing that has happened to my home practice! I started a daily yoga practice exactly 1 year ago today (1/24/14). I only wish I had subscribed that very first day. I have learned new postures, modifications, different yoga techniques like Kundalini, and meditation. This site is amazing! The instructors love what they do & it comes through during their practice. Plus the great challenges they do are exciting & they do just that, challenge you in the best way. Thank you, thank you, thank you to MYO & all the wonderful instructors who contribute. Namaste!

    - Isis
    Orlando , USA

  • testimonial quotesThis has been the best gift I have ever given to myself. I live in a small town with no yoga studio. I was diagnosed with lupus not to long ago and have not been able to workout at the gym like I use to. It's been a serious struggle working in the Surgery department on my feet all day with severe joint pain. Today, after completing the 21 day challenge and detoxing my body I feel so good it's mind blowing. Some of the poses were advanced but I've learned to listen to my body and modify and make it my practice and it's been a life changing experience. So thank you to all the instructors, you are all amazing. I'll never stop my yoga practice, I'm just getting started. Namaste!

    - Sheila
    Florence, United States

  • testimonial quotesI found MYO about 3 years ago. I live in a small rural town that didn't have any yoga studios or teachers close by. I stumbled into yoga by means of back issues and fibromyalgia and have been a lover of MYO ever since. Yoga has really changed my life for the better! I work nights so the time of day has no meaning for me! I can practice any time of the day or night when ever it suits me. MYO is always there for me. I even have started doing a little yoga at work during my lunch bread and a little meditation during my short break. I have enjoyed the challenges MYO has offered and have gotten much benefit from the teachers and info that I might not have found on my own. This challenge had been awesome and I am looking forward to the next! I can't wait!!! Namaste :)

    - Melinda
    Lyons, USA

  • testimonial quotesI noticed on the current challenge that people complained about the difficulty level, now I notice that the instructors are giving modifications for multiple levels of abilities, I am a long yoga practitioner, My Yoga Online and me together, has been the best. I can find sessions according to the way I feel each day. If my wrists has a big work out one day I can find the proper video for no wrists practice. The meditation videos have helped me challenge this past few months after dealing with a loss.

    - Christiane

  • testimonial quotesMy yoga online... it has been such a huge benefit to my life both physically and emotionally already and I'm thrilled with the extension of my membership. THRILLED!!

    - Vickie
    Mammoth Lakes, United States

  • testimonial quotesHaving access to daily videos has changed me! I'm improving my home practice, trying new styles and feel re-energized.

    - Natalie
    Ottawa, Canada

  • testimonial quotesI am in love with the variety of teachers and classes you have on your site. Thank you for making all this available!

    - Sabrina
    Rome, Italy

  • testimonial quotesthe MYO team are providing such amazing good for our community and the world. Even if we don’t get to express it often, please know that we are all better for having your service in our lives.

    - Shannon
    Denver, United States

  • testimonial quotesI have tried Yoga over the years in studios and always managed to hurt myself. By following the MYO I have been able to allow myself to grow and gain strength over the past few months , but more importantly I have leaned that my competitive nature was working against me. I can now go to a studio and work within me , not in comparison to others. that has been the greatest gift ! Thank You for this great alternative !!

    - Jeri
    Temecula, USA

  • testimonial quotesMYO helped me give birth to the cook in me - just the way I love eating - more so the recipes enable one to experience the abundance of the delicious aridity of foods nature offers to us in an exiting & most enjoyable manner. Now I can cook for my husband whose been kind enough to cook for us all these many many years with a smile from his heart. Thank to all the chefs, dieticians & nutritionist - you're all the very best!

    - Ruby
    London, GB

  • testimonial quotesThank you again for the wonderful services MYO provides. I love your website as it gives me a connection to my home through yoga, as I currently live abroad as a professional ballet dancer. I live in Budapest where I dance for the Hungarian National Ballet. Thank again!

    - Danielle
    Budapest, Hungary

  • testimonial quotesI love everything about My Yoga Online. Each teacher and every practice is always invigorating and the guidance is just perfect - the meditations are simply the best. My Yoga Online has helped me to continue living my life just the way I love to - like I used to when I was a gymnast in my youthful years. All the content on My Yoga Online is a great inspiration and the very best - much love!

    - Ruby
    London, United Kingdom

  • testimonial quotesMYO has changed my life. I actually do all of the yoga I always wanted to do since it's so convenient.

    - Kerrie
    Bel Air, USA

  • testimonial quotesAmazing variety of styles & teaching methods. As a teacher its great to have a reference to go to for some creative sequencing. My teaching & personal practise has improved a lot. Thank you.

    - Sakun
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • testimonial quotesI've learned so much about yoga and a healthy lifestyle in my first month of membership here! I love that in the middle of a sleepless, anxious night I can switch on the computer, go to MYO, put in 'insomnia and anxiety' and have my choice of classes at 3 a.m. when I need them! To be able to find a class custom tailored to my ability level, time allowance, and choice of teachers is truly wonderful. I also greatly appreciate the articles and meditations. Thank you for the yearly special too; now I can afford to join. Namaste!

    - Judith
    San Luis Obispo, USA

  • testimonial quotesI enjoy My Yoga Online very much. It is the best investment for anyone who needs more knowledge from such great teachers, right at home. Best wishes, Blanche.

    - Blanche

  • testimonial quotesI enjoy it when you all send out yoga online. I can’t seem to get to my yoga classes, so I go online to get videos and some very helpful tools for me to stick to it. I am enjoying the benefits of yoga everyday at home and at work as well. I am sure glad that I got into it because it has totally changed my whole attitude on life. I am a calmer person than I was at the beginning. I have learned how to release the stress of the day. I no longer get upset over things. With yoga I am in total control. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    - Mary
    Virginia, USA

  • testimonial quotesMany styles, lots and lots of videos, I don´t even have time to do all good videos!:) Low price! Very good teaching! If you are a vinyasa style yogini like me, I guarantee that you are going to love MYO!!

    - Joanna
    Tampere, Finland

  • testimonial quotesMyyogaonline gives me access to quality instruction any time, any where, so there's no excuse not to!

    - Celina
    San Antonio, USA

  • testimonial quotesWonderful. I now incorporate yoga into every day of my life and feel so much better for it. I love being able to choose whichever routine I fancy and fit it into the time available. I wouldn't be without it.

    - Kate
    Kendal, Uk

  • testimonial quotesTHANK YOU MY YOGA ONLINE!! I love having this right in my home! I bought my two sisters a month gift cert to use and they are now hooked on yoga! So thank you for helping me open them up to the wonderful world of YOGA!! OM

    - Michel
    Morgantown, US

  • testimonial quotesThank you to MYO! I'm currently a single dad busy with kids' and work schedule that always changes... MYO has allowed me to practice at all hours of the day or night and has helped keep me sane, centered and focused during a very difficult period of my life. The wide selection of videos provide just the right practice needed. Namaste!

    - Mark
    Lexington, USA

  • testimonial quotesMyyogaonline gets me on my mat and has gotten me into a practice - I love getting my feet on my mat and just grounding myself and Myyogaonline has gotten me to that place so that now my feet on my mat is what motivates me to do yoga 'cos I know I'll feel more open afterwards. And I've changed from wanting to 'stretch', ie the physical aspect, into just wanting to be more open and connected and I never felt this before in yoga to the extent that I feel it now through using the classes on Myyogaonline. THANK YOU ALL! Peace.

    - Kirsten
    Manchester, United Kingdom

  • testimonial quotesI love My Yoga Online. I always wanted to practice Yoga from my early twenties and even tried some classes in a local fitness club but it didn't worked out in the end. After I became a mother of two beautiful children I even tried to find Yoga classes in my area, but no luck. In my search online I bumped into MyYogaOnline. The best bump ever that changed my life completely and definitely for the better!! I am practicing Yoga online for over a year now and feel transformed, strong, confident and a completely new me. Open to life and full of joy. Thank you for the love and light you bring everyday to my life. Obrigada do fundo do coracao!

    - Fernanda
    Porto, Portugal

  • testimonial quotesI love that I can take MY YOGA ONLINE with me any where I go and choose the yoga that fits my needs. Even on lunch break at work, I can take time out to decompress from the daily grind...

    - Stefanie

  • testimonial quotesI love the Yoga On The Go Series on MYO. When I'm pressed for time I do Dana Trixie Flynn Radical Flow, 30 minutes long, great workout! Can be found on MYO under Laughing Lotus Studio. Love Dana Flynn's style of teaching.

    - Julie
    Boston, USA

  • testimonial quotesIt's much easier to take my yoga with me on the road now that I can stream classes from MyYogaOnline...I'm so glad I discovered this site. If left to my own devices...yoga probably wouldn't happen.

    - Michelle
    Milford, USA

  • testimonial quotes
    A few years ago I got hurt really badly doing something I love. Trying to get back on my feet finally, I find I can no longer be involved in most exercises. A few weeks ago I turned to yoga to center myself and find strength. Your Website has helped me so much, I find I am calmer, more resourceful, stronger and more in tune with myself simply by doing a few poses a day. I would love to have a chance to learn more about yoga and possibly have a professional work with me.

    - Rebecca
    Guy Mills, USA

  • testimonial quotesMy life takes me every where in the world. In whatever country I am in you find me practicing yoga. As a traveling yogi I always have my yoga travel mat and yoga videos from My Yoga Online. So really thank you Yoga Online ...you have made practicing yoga on the go so much easier.

    - Gabby
    Martinez, USA

  • testimonial quotesI love the range of options and I can do whichever style I feel like
    on any given day, there's such a variety, better than just having a DVD that is the
    same everytime. Also, I can do it in my PJs, in my own private space and at a
    time that suits me. It's just such a brilliant facility!

    - Jayme
    London, England

  • testimonial quotesFinding yoga online has literally changed my life! I have done yoga off and on for 30 years and did previously combine classes with home practice following a DVD or a book. I love doing yoga at home because you can fit it in with your schedule and do a programme which works for that day and you can also progress your practice at your own pace. The only downside was having a big enough range of programmes to do. MYO sorted that and has also deepened my commitment to yoga. I have now even found a kundalini teacher as a result of discovering it on here which enables me to combine both daily sadhana and classes with like minded participants. I am also now becoming more confident about putting postures together myself through feeling what my body needs which is great. My morning home practice sets me up for the day!

    - Katie
    Hull, England

  • testimonial quotesI had already tried over the years to either join a regular yoga studio or set up my own home practice, but every time I failed miserably (and hated my lazy self for it). It's tough being on your own !
    I am SO grateful for your website !!
    Since I joined, I've set up AND SUSTAINED my home practice; every morning, whether it is just 5 minutes in a busy schedule or 1 full hour during the week-ends, I practice (almost) everyday and I LOVE (myself for) it !! There's always a video to meet my needs.

    Thanks you MyYogaOnline :-)

    - Madame
    PatateCity, PatateLand

  • testimonial quotesPracticing yoga at home means that I have all the time I need to correct, refine the poses, find the flow, reach the balance between body and mind and finally meditate in peace. Once I reach this goal I fell ready to go out and practice the yoga laws in my daily life.

    - Eva
    Chania, Greece

  • testimonial quotesI love that I can hit the "pause" button. Sometimes a pose feels so good and I just want to hold it, explore it, go deep into it. You can't really do that in a live class.

    - Nancy
    Paris, France

  • testimonial quotesI work split shifts as a chef at work and find it difficult to fit in yoga class sessions with MYO I can choose when to practice my yoga. I am new to yoga and still finding my feet but so far I am loving it!

    - Nicki
    Huntly, United Kingdom

  • testimonial quotesI love doing yoga at home and online via MYO because where I live (in Sydney) is not a big yoga town, so I don't even have a choice of classes, never mind access to a variety of styles of yoga and THE best instructors in the world. Yep, I can honestly say I love doing yoga at home.

    - Narelle
    Sydney, Australia

  • testimonial quotesBeing a ex dancer and now teaching dance, yoga online keeps me centered in my body and spirit and allows me to keep moving in class. Dancing is my life and now yoga online has helped me to spread that love of movement to another generation.

    - Mark
    Moe, Australia

  • testimonial quotesMYO gives me SO much variety in my favorite place, my apartment! Haha! Of course, cost and convenience are major benefits too, but I have the freedom to pick and choose from so many different teachers and styles in one place. I can practice yoga any time, at any length, any style, with any teacher, and focus on any body part I need to tune in on that day. Immensely helpful for me because I live and work abroad.

    - Jasmine
    Ulsan, South Korea

  • testimonial quotesHello dear MYO people,
    Thanks to your website I took up yoga again after a long long time and made more progress than I thought was possible. Well, I just started without having a specific goal in mind, only to get healthy exercise (healing from ulcerative colitis). I found it the best way to follow classes at your own level at the time you want, from the best teachers and always recommended it on sites I visit and Facebook. So I followed your classes every morning for about 2 years I think, downloaded (bought) many vids too. One of the classes was Ashtanga and at first I found them quite exhausting and difficult, but started to like them more and more. I informed myself about Ashtanga via vids and articles on the internet, bought Yoga Mala, dvd's with Kino, downloaded instruction vids with David Robson and Maria Villella. So now I'm working on the Primary Series 4-6 times a week and will continue this for a while, maybe for a long time, I don't know. This is the reason I unsubscribed from you, but should I want more variety in classes again, I'll be back! I used to be a ballet dancer 40 years ago :) and via the MYO classes I found back the joy of intensive training again. And I love that it is connected with Eastern philosophy, which has played an important role in my life too.
    Thank you so very much for this wonderful website.
    Sita Rabeling (The Netherlands)

    - Sita
    The Netherlands

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much for a great site. I broke my foot about 5 weeks ago and use to do 90 minutes of yoga 3x a week and run 4 days a week. I was going crazy being told to 'stay off of that foot!' Then I found your site. It has helped me to not be depressed and helps me with the anxiety of being immobile. Keep up the great work! :) Hollie Z

    - Hollie
    Santa Barbara, USA

  • testimonial quotesYoga has helped me to deal with many physical and emotional issues over the past few years. After recent back fusion surgery, I kept asking the Dr. when I could begin practicing again. My practice 'before' the surgery has helped me heal much more quickly than i ever imagined I could.

    - Debbie
    Cleveland, USA

  • testimonial quotesThank you for your site. When I was bedridden after a scooter accident I felt connected to the Yoga community. It helped to keep me centred and sane!! Eight months later it still inspires me.

    - Sonia
    Melbourne, Australia

  • testimonial quotesAs a new mum, myo is perfect for me. I can choose from so many different styles and lengths of practices to suit my needs and access them any time of day. Thanks!

    - Emma
    Perth, UK

  • testimonial quotesIt's a litter over 6 months that I'm a member of MYO and when I think about it, it feels like so much longer than that because my life has been so transformed by this site. It's just occurring to me how wonderful I feel everyday, how I always have a source of personal time and relaxation to turn to when I truly need it. The teachers and members of this site are so inspirational, I feel so blessed and encouraged to be part of your community MYO! So thank you for creating this site and making it so inspiring and internationally available! Namaste!

    - Amanda
    Montreal, Canada

  • testimonial quoteshi i love this site its helped me in my yoga, and opened up in all ways , ienjoy yoga naked more to the nature side

    - Aida
    cagayan de oro, philippines

  • testimonial quotesI live in a very small town that is 40 miles away from any yoga
    studios, and it is no longer practical for me to attend the classes I
    once frequented. MYO has been such a blessing in my life. You have a
    wonderful selection of instructors and classes.

    Thank you!

    - Sonja

  • testimonial quotesI have used My Yoga Online for several years now and love it. I
    became a yoga teacher in 2 years ago and this service has helped me
    not only improve my practice but also my teaching.

    I love that new videos are always being added. I especially love
    videos by Clara, Megan, and Craig.

    Thank you!


    - Leah

  • testimonial quotesI finally had the chance today to try my new MYO video "Flying School": I really loved it, I had a great time doing it and finally started to be able to jump better. Jumping has been my "trouble area" since I started practising almost two years ago.. Being an ex ballet dancer and pilates fanatic I don't have trouble with most other poses but I find jumping really hard.
    Thanks a lot to MYO and the wonderful teachers you feature!

    - Frances

  • testimonial quotesI am so happy to have found you. This site is a joy, it has something for everyone and something different to learn everyday. There is no way anyone who truly love yoga can not find something new. It site takes your practice to a different level. It has interesting program so you don't get bored. It brings so many new teacher into your life and into your home. It truly is a gift. Light & Love, Harriet

    - Harriet
    Rochester, USA

  • testimonial quotesI have previously paid to purchase some of the MYO videos to keep on my computer as I live in Thailand so don't always have fast internet access, but decided to take advantage of the 25 days of free yoga offer. I wasn't sure if my slow internet could buffer the videos but I was actually really surprised that I hardly ever had a problem, and rarely did the video even hiccup. The wide range of videos is fantastic and I was thrilled to get to practice with so many different teachers. I thought that MYO was great. As a yoga teacher myself, living on a little island means I don't get much chance to take classes or get diversity in classes, so MYO was a great way to get some new ideas and ignite new creativity and awareness in my practice and teaching. I haven't resubscribed to MYO yet as I was traveling when the 25 days expired but I hope to resubscribe soon. I will be recommending it to students and friends as well.

    - Cynthia

  • testimonial quotes
    It is amazing since I registered to your site, I can stop thinking about the next morning day. I wake up to do my yoga before go to work or school. I am truly addicted. Thank to your program's diversity.

    - Christiani

  • testimonial quotesThankyou for branching out to include Pilates especially Anita Seiz and belly dancing, with Gillian Cofsky.
    Cross training is wonderful.
    I am very pleased with the additions of the above.
    Telma Grant P.T.

    - Telma
    bowmanville, canada

  • testimonial quotesHello staff of My yoga on line. I am so proud to be a part of this gang. So much to learn, so much to do, always new teachers. Never get bored one min. thank you and all the staff. thanks a million. I wish you all a happy holiday season, be in peace, and hope you all have good health. May God bless you all, sincerely, blanche.

    - Blanche

  • testimonial quotesI stumbled upon My yoga online somehow through facebook and i'm doing the 25 days of free yoga and there is no going back now. I've always done yoga on my own but this, its amazing. I'm in love and i think this is going to be my new home now. The teachers are amazing and so is their dedication. Thank you so much for inspiring others and helping us achieve a peaceful state of mind <3

    - Simmi
    montreal, Canada

  • testimonial quotesOne of the blessing of TIC is to connect with people all over the world. Everytime I do Yoga witn one of the instructor, It is like having then coming in my house. Good things that communication mediated by computer can do.

    - Ana
    San Salvador, EL SALVADOR CentralAmerica

  • testimonial quotesI just finished the Hip Opener live practice by Desiree Rumbaugh. What a wonderful experience! I love My Yoga Online so much and am so thankful I had come across it. I am not lucky enough to live in a city where there is a yoga studio or instruction of any kind. I live in a small rural community where very few people even know what yoga really is about. I am self taught except for this site and a few videos I have and have practiced almost every day for about 2 years. I'm a late bloomer having just opened myself up to yoga at the age of 49. Trying to overcome back issues to save myself from surgery (had to anyway. 1 yr post surgery) I became familiar with yoga. I read everything I can get my hands on and watch any instruction video I can. I love this site and with some of the taped live classes I get much instruction. Desiree is wonderful at explaining and so fun to listen to. I would love to be able to actually see her or any of your instructors but for now My Yoga Online gives me the next best thing. Thanks again for always being here in my "zen room" whenever I need you! :) Namaste

    - Melinda
    Lyons,KS, USA

  • testimonial quotesFinding my yoga online has literally changed my life! I have done yoga off and on for 30 years and did previously combine classes with home practice following a DVD or a book. I love doing yoga at home because you can fit it in with your schedule and do a programme which works for that day and you can also progress your practice at your own pace. The only downside was having a big enough range of programmes to do. MYO sorted that and has also deepened my commitment to yoga. I have now even found a kundalini teacher as a result of discovering it on here which enables me to combine both daily sadhana and classes with like minded participants. I am also now becoming more confident about putting postures together myself through feeling what my body needs which is great. My morning home practice sets me up for the day!

    - Kate
    Hull, Great Britian

  • testimonial quotessuch a beautiful site, the teacher here are phenomenal and put a lot of energy and love into the practices they teach.

    - Zoey
    san diego, america

  • testimonial quotesI love the convenience of not having to RUSH off to a studio in order to arrive early enough to get a space and then RUSH home to meet my responsibilities of the day. My Yoga Online allows for yoga to be what it is meant to be......peaceful and serene. Not to mention the hundreds of choices My Yoga Online offers and the the incredibly talented and professional instructors that are there for us each and every day 24/7. It's the best thing ever. I practice my yoga online almost daily and sometimes twice daily. I tell everyone I know about My Yoga Online. Thank you!

    - Stefie

  • testimonial quotes
    I love being able to do my yoga practice at home because I am able to fully participate in my very own spiritual and private journey without any ego or worry of others. Most times after completing my yoga practice and I'm laying in Shavasana there is this over whelming since of release and letting go that I cry (a good cry that releases anything and everything that has been built up inside of me). I don't think I would have ever had this beautiful and wonderful experience or been able to mature in my practice, if I was doing yoga in a class with others. Thank you for the amazing past 5 years, MYO has really changed my life and practice for the better.

    - K.
    Ozark, USA

  • testimonial quotesI love My Yoga Online. I discovered it purely by chance when I was off work with labyrinthitis which was brought on by stress I'm sure. I find it really helpse to unwind and anything which aids my posture and running has to be a good thing. I love the fact I can try different classes of different styles and lengths at a time to suit me. It's fabulous!! Please more yin classes!!

    - Anne
    Sheffield, Uk

  • testimonial quotesWe LOVE my yoga online!!
    My partner and I use it everyday and have recommended it to everyone I know :-) I think I have turned a few of my work mates into fans........and I will keep recommending it!
    Thank you for creating such a great place to practice!

    - Kat
    Bournemouth, UK

  • testimonial quotesI love MYO! I have anxiety about everything-- my relationship, money, my job, and especially about myself and my appearance. I've done yoga before, but since becoming dedicated about a year ago then discovering MYO, I've realized my perception of myself and my self image has never been so good. I'm confident, healthy, feel better than I think I ever have, sleep better than ever, and just feel amazing overall. Thank you so much!

    - Lundyn
    Edmonton, Canada

  • testimonial quotesDear MyYoga -

    I joined your site a month and a half ago, having had a fine, adequate yoga and pilates practice that I sequenced myself, with occasional change-ups. I live very far from a yoga-sparse-zone. There are more yoga studios than Starbucks where I live. I can't get to them, afford them anymore, or care to dress like many other students--ever! To top it off, since my job shift a little over a year ago caused me to work longer hours--in addition to having a lengthy commute every day and caregiving responsibilities, Sleep is my major issue. And there is nothing like the feeling of being worked out and feeling centered at the same time, to induce a good quality of sleep.

    My own at-home yoga sequence finally has started to get a little stale, and even my 5 Rhythms ecstatic dance practice started to lose its inspiration (which I'd thought would never happen). So, I approached myyogaonline gingerly after many years of admiring the site from afar--expecting not to be able to use it due to my slow broadband access. Having responded to an ad for 2 weeks free (which was adjusted to a month free due to having sign-in issues); I signed up, anyway (you can keep a blog and post messages to the teachers and experts online here); then, as karma would have it, taking advantage of a DailyDeals offer (my first-EVER social-buying stint), and then being a winner of your recent year-long membership giveaway, downloads are my tech-challenge workaround. And what amounts to all this free access to the site, proves that good things DO come in threes.

    I still have procrastination issues and still dive right in to my own practice; and seem make a production out of everything with candles, props, my Aurorae towel-mat, and my heater. But to the teachers on here who--for me--are Ready: "Your student has appeared."

    In Appreciation,


    - Bettina
    New York City, U.S.

  • testimonial quotesI discovered MYO in 2007, and have been practicing the asanas regularly since then. The quality of instruction at MYO is in most cases phenomenal, and so very affordable. You don't find such great instructors in every studio, and at MYO we can choose the instructor who we best relate to on that day. I work from home, and rise at 5 am for meetings with my team in India. After those meetings, around 7:30 am, having digested my light breakfast, I can fit in a 60 to 75 minute class, which usually includes yoga nidra or a sitting meditation. This is a wonderful way to regenerate my energy, refresh my mind, and limber my body for a lengthy day in my office chair. I find myself automatically relaxing my neck and shoulders throughout the day. In the five years since starting regular practice, my 49 year old body is learning that poor posture just feels bad, and my body is starting to correct itself without my having to consciously think about it. In addition to this, I just don't get stressed anymore. All these marvelous benefits are due to the accessibility and excellent instruction at MYO. I only wish it was multi-lingual!

    - Nicola
    Montreal, QC, Canada

  • testimonial quotesI have a newborn baby so I'm at home most of the day and many times still in my pijamas. I joined MYO because it gives me the direction that I need regarding my practiced. I'm lazy lately to create a practice or to make it last more than 5 or 10 minutes. With MYO I can roll out the mat in the living room as soon as bub goes for a daytime sleep and start my practice right there. It is such a great solution to my day.

    - Gabriela
    Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

  • testimonial quotesI love "My Yoga Online" the best site ever.

    - Rebekah
    Provo, Utah, USA

  • testimonial quotesI am really enjoying the calm feeling that my yoga practice gives me. I love myyogaonline.com!!

    - Julie
    Fort Myers, USA

  • testimonial quotesthis is an amazing yoga website. love each and everything it teaches.

    - Sinduja
    Chennai, India

  • testimonial quotesI LOVE MyYoga Online!

    I travel and move a lot in my work. MyYoga Online has helped me to stay consistent - and more wonderfully - to grow in my practice! And it brings me deep access to a group of teachers who can't be surpassed - Namaste MYO!

    - Nicholas
    Everywhere!, USA

  • testimonial quotesAs a very busy professional and mother, i don't get time to go to the gym. I enjoy Yoga a lot and practice regularly from home.
    Thank you MYO! What would I have done without you??


    - Arundhati
    Fremont, US

  • testimonial quotesI am very new to Yoga and happened to find Anusara Therapeutics for Hips and Lower Back online .... I just started it 2 weeks ago and it is like a miracle! I am a triathlete and skier who had to stop running over a year ago because of lower back and hip pain. I cannot believe the difference I feel already and am absolutely hooked on yoga now as part of my daily routine. The instructor, Ashleigh Altman, is wonderful and I feel like I've gotten to know her personally through her video. I wish I had listened to friends who told me to try yoga a long time - if WORKS!! Thank you so much for this gift of awareness and thank you Ashleigh for the difference yoga has made in my life!!
    Kathleen Whitley-Harm

    - Kathleen
    Freehold, NY, USA

  • testimonial quotesThank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

    I joined a couple of weeks ago and I can't thank you enough. I feel my life turning around and an awakening that I had never known before. I am on MYO day and night, learning about what my body can do, and experiencing the beautiful feeling of contentment you can achieve with an open mind and heart to yoga. I am so grateful to all the instructors, all the community members, all the doctors, professionals, and everyone else who have made MYO possible!

    - Jasmine
    Ulsan, South Korea

  • testimonial quotesI just joined your online group to augment classed I take at a gym. I hate to miss a class when my schedule is disrupted and now I don't have to. Loved my first Flow class and can't wait to try others. The comments and instruction were great. Thanks for a great site.

    - Diane
    Sebastopol, USA

  • testimonial quotesi just joined to myyogaonline, finished my first class and feeling great already!!thank you sooo much!!!

    - Demet
    istanbul, turkey

  • testimonial quotesMyyogaonline is doing a great job. I practice it everyday at my convenience at home. Thank you guys!!!

    - Priya

  • testimonial quotesI want to take this opportunity to say that though I'm not a yoga person (not yet, at least!), I feel that I was "saved" last year October by your videos on Air Canada which I happened to click through and find. Bernie's "Meditation on Sounds" was the key to the stress that I was under at the time and when I returned from my vacation, I sought out your website. You made a positive difference in my life!! :-)

    - Stella

  • testimonial quotesDear My Yoga Online,

    I just want to express my gratitude to all of you who make this site
    possible. The past number of months have been really difficult for me.
    I have lost my father, my job, and am going through a divorce. Yoga
    and meditation are my life line. Being unemployed means that I can not
    afford to go to a "live" class very often. Your site has made it
    possible for me to take a yoga class every day. Thank you so much. It
    truly has changed my life.


    - Nancy

  • testimonial quotesMyYogaOnline has outstanding classes and teachers. It is also super convenient, accessible, and affordable. I use this site for my own practices and renewal, as well as to inspire my teaching. I absolutely love this site. Bravo!


    - Hadassah
    Cambridge, MA, USA

  • testimonial quotesThat's what I love about MyYogaOnline -- you can match a practice to your every need. I used the restorative practices while I was sick and I think it really shortened the duration of the cold. Thank you for this wonderful service!

    - Faith

  • testimonial quotesI've been using My Yoga Online for a couple of years, and I just wanted to
    say thank you. My Yoga Online is affordable and accessible, and has allowed
    me to experience yoga when I don't think I would have otherwise. Chronic
    pain and depression run in my family, and I truly think that practicing the
    yoga videos here have helped make me become resilient and strong to those
    I am so grateful for this organization, and I will keep telling my friends
    about it!
    Thanks again.

    - Sarah

  • testimonial quotesThis site has changed my life. I needed something different to stimulate my body and my mind and I found yoga. Clara, Shiva, Kreg, Megan... are wonderful teachers. I've learned form them that yoga is a journey and I'm enjoying that journey.

    - Jose
    Nashua, USA

  • testimonial quotesThis site has saved me for the past year. I've been living in rural Missouri where I'm the only certified yoga teacher in the county. MYO has kept my practice fresh and helped me stay in touch with my inner peace and my inner fire. I couldn't have done it without you. Special thanks to Clara, Kregg and Shiva Rea: I've shared your words and sequences countless times with my students here in the Ozarks.

    - Sarena
    Fort Leonard Wood, USA

  • testimonial quotes
    "The site has been extremely helpful in assisting me in varying my routine and poses in the midst of a very busy schedule. Awesome! I hope to encourage my kids to join in."

    - Lauri

  • testimonial quotesI love MYO! It's an affordable way to practice. I am so pleased that more prenatal classes have been added so I don't have to wait until I deliver to enjoy this quality of classes. Thanks!

    - Lisa

  • testimonial quotesAbsolutely LOVE this site! I practice yoga every day on my own and needed more variation and a more challenging level. Now I have everything right here, right now. This morning I followed Surya Morning Flow and wanted to end with more relaxing and stretching exercises, so followed the Deep Stretch afterwards. It felt great!
    The 2 days I've been a member I downloaded 3 vids ;) Next I'll try the ballet barre a terre. Thank you for all your work, the instructions are given with expertise and as Nancy wrote before: your staff is very helpful and friendly.
    I'm so glad I've found this site!
    Best wishes, Namaste,

    - Rosita
    -, Netherlands

  • testimonial quotesThank you. I love your yoga instruction. I love the convenience and the concept of your company. The two times I have spoken with you in person were helpful and friendly.

    Best regards,

    - Nancy

  • testimonial quotesIt's amazing to be able to find just the right class any given moment. I love the online programs you have. It's super nice to take a course when it suits me. I have taken the program on energy and am now engaged in the yoga program beginners, just to refresh my exercises.

    - Merethe

  • testimonial quotesHello My Yoga people! I have loved MyYogaOnline for quite a while now!! Such a great site. I talk about it all the time!

    - Karina

  • testimonial quotesI just taught my first yoga class and have to say that i couldn't have done it without you guys and all your amazing resources! namaste & salama from east africa!

    - Karlyn

  • testimonial quotesThe Whole Health Programs have
    been enormously helpful. I lost 2 lbs this month and have eaten less
    and more thoughtfully from the info., videos and compassionate,
    inspired atmosphere of the programs and of myyogaonline in

    I love MyYogaonline!!!!!

    - Merryl
    NY, USA

  • testimonial quotesUltra cool, highly innovative website - leaves me feeling connected to the yoga community, inspired in my practice, and refreshed in body, mind, and spirit!

    Thanks for the beauty you have created!

    - Sandra
    Humbird, WI

  • testimonial quotesI think MYOL is absolutely fantastic! The site is easy to maneuver and extremely beneficial. I appreciate the fact that the professionals are very willing to answer questions and they do that in a timely manner.
    There is so much information on the website that I cannot take it all in.

    I am someone who started fitness and yoga later in life and am not proud to say that I've had trouble keeping up with the consistency. I also am extremely busy and Kreg has been so very excellent at not judging or pushing too much. I feel MYOL is there as a support and does not hold judgement.

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate MYOL and the wonderful people involved.

    Donald Cleland


  • testimonial quotesI am so grateful to have found My Yoga Online!
    I feel really connected to your approach to yoga.
    Much love

    - Deva

  • testimonial quotesDear Kefa & MYO yogis,
    Wow, I really can't thank you guys enough.
    Finding MYO has been a HUGE
    blessing for me!
    Like you knew *exactly* what I was needing to enrich my
    life, physically and spiritually...
    I see myself as a life joiner of this
    fantastic program and am thrilled for these resources.
    I will definitely
    share with my yoga-loving friends who are spread out across the world.
    My husband is even joining in with me while I'm on the mat, and that's
    exciting to see the intrigue spread and positively "infect" others :)
    my Swahili co-workers are sneaking peaks and getting intrigued!
    Keep up the brilliant work and please let me know if any of your teachers
    come to do a retreat or course somewhere in Africa- I would do everything in
    my powers to be there!

    - Karlyn

  • testimonial quotesJust want to say that I did my first myyogaonline yoga class on my new
    iPad2. That is the coolest thing ever. You guys rock. My iPad is on my
    coffee table. I load it up and login.... Boom yoga class. :)

    Thank you :)



  • testimonial quotesMy Yoga Online is a great resource for your home practice. The yoga practices are artful and interesting and obviously designed by teachers who know what they are doing. The great thing is being able to choose the practice that suits you at any given time.

    - L

  • testimonial quotesYou cannot find a better tool for Learning the various styles of Yoga then My Yoga Online! This website is worth the time to enhance your yoga journey.

    - T

  • testimonial quotesHello Namaste,

    The experience following the web site videos was really fantastic and in my
    opinion this is the best Yoga exercises website on internet.

    - P

  • testimonial quotesYour website is amazing and I couldn't have found it at a better time in my life! I'm really looking forward to the Get Focused Whole Health Program.

    - Ivette

  • testimonial quotesHello from Netherlands. As I am a yogateacher myself, I
    use the practices on this website to be a student myself and I like
    many of them, no matter if they are for beginners or advanced.

    - Riemke

  • testimonial quotes
    Hi MyYogaOnline,I am very pleased with your website and the services it provides. I've searched the articles for specific things such as neck pain and found useful suggestions to relieve it. There is a great deal of other interesting information which I've found informative such as the yoga tips, anatomy workshops, and interviews. I've also enjoyed several of the recipes you've provided. And of course the videos are excellent. I like sampling the offerings of various teachers and checking out the new releases. I am interested in blending yoga with martial arts and Pilates, of which I'd had no experience in the past. Your customer service IT people are excellent. A streaming issue I'd encountered was solved promptly and was followed up on too. The website is laid out in a user-friendly and intuitive way.

    - Jill

  • testimonial quotesHi There;
    I love your site and do look at it often. I am a Vancouverite living in Adelaide Australia. To see all the scenery in the back ground makes we want to come home and be a fulltime part of your yoga community.
    I would love to see some Iyengar instructors. I know they are pretty set in their routines and use a lot of props, but that is my history with yoga.
    I think your programs and online idea is brilliant.
    Kind regards,

    - Lani
    Adelaide , Australia

  • testimonial quotesMy yoga online is so fantastic I love it! The classes are great and the meditations- in fact.. everything ! It's So so good,.. Thank you to whoever invented it!!! I couldn't live without it!!
    Best wishes

    - Emily

  • testimonial quotesMyYogaOnline,

    I have great experience with your site. It is affordable and offers me the control to tailor my workouts as needed; some days I could push myself to more challenging workouts, other days keeping it mellow and doing a flow session. After sampling several different instructors I was able to find the ones that fit me best and really enjoyed my classes.

    Kelly B.

    - Kelly

  • testimonial quotesHello My Yoga Online

    Thank you for your nice work. I really appreciate your web site.
    Actually i am a Yoga teacher(RYT200) and learn a lot from the Anatomy part and also enjoy all your classes. All your teachers share their experiences in their own styles, which is good and there are lots of things to learn.
    Thank you again for your efforts.

    Peace to our Earth.

    - Anahita

  • testimonial quotesHello,
    And thank you for all the wonderful yoga you provide! I also appreciate the
    Whole Health Programs, which I will be enjoying the next few months. The
    only thing I miss, is yoga classes with a more "non-dynamic" approach, like
    Iyengar yoga. Otherwise I love the diversity in classes, styles and

    - Inger

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy MyYoga Online, especially the Yoga flow videos. Your site was very informative and provided great Yoga sessions in my own home at a time the was right for my busy schedule.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

    - Phil

  • testimonial quotesI am really enjoying your site and have so for quite some time now. It's funny because originally your site was my reprive from early motherhood because I could not get to a yoga centre... but now I am not sure if I would want to practice in front of other people. I really enjoy the privacy :-)

    - Tara

  • testimonial quotesI am very happy to be a member with Myyogaonline.
    I'm a mother who works full time, and my lifestyle does not allow me to attend a gym. so I very much appreciated the opportunity to exercise in the quiet of my home during my free time. Besides this, the archive of videos available is always changing, and the updates are really fantastic!

    - Patrizia

  • testimonial quotesI am an active user of your site and have referred My Yoga Online to many of my friends. I love being able to pick my way through the different programs and performing the poses in the privacy of my own home. Thank you!!

    - Lara

  • testimonial quotesHappy Holidays. I am finding your website invaluable. As a working mother, it is difficult to find time to get on the mat. Your website makes it possible for me to fit a practice into the middle of my day while I'm at work.

    - A.

  • testimonial quotesYou are giving very good service to people practicing yoga
    who live in places and countries where yoga is not so developed as in
    yours. I was heavily injured at car accident and thanks to yoga have fast
    recovered. But still I must work hard to achieve my previous level of
    fitness. Your videos motivate me to regular exercise and progress in
    personal development. Thank you very much for that.



    - Milan

  • testimonial quotesI live in a very isolated
    area and through your page I have been able to re-discover yoga and I
    am happy that I could integrate it again in my life. I love the videos
    for beginners and I specially enjoy practicing with Kreg Weiss.

    - Hannah

  • testimonial quotesDear MyYogaOnline,
    I think your site is terrific. I appreciate the variety of yoga
    classes; there is something for everyone in terms of teaching style, and
    there is a choice for when time is tight as well as when I can spend a
    long luxurious afternoon practicing yoga.
    I often travel and I am often jet lagged. I carry my mat and tap into
    your site at the oddest hours. It is always a great way to prepare for
    the arduous day ahead.
    I also appreciate your newsletters, with new tips, new videos and new
    I think you have pulled together a great combination of resources.

    Waving to you from Rome, Italy,

    - Vicki
    Rome, It

  • testimonial quotesHey Myyoga online, I am an RYT living in he UK teaching privates power vinyasa classes. I have little time to go to yoga studios and look to your website for inspiration. I would love if you could add more shiva r. Videos if possible and more advanced vinyasa. Keep up the excellent work. Namaste, Rachel

    - Rachel

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much for your help! Your website has not only soothed my mind, but helped ready my body for the upcoming challenge of labor and delivery. I cannot thank you enough for all that your website has done for me.
    Thank you again

    - Megan

  • testimonial quotesYou guys are doing such a wonderful job! I love the new look, options, and videos! All I can ask is please, please, please, add more meditation audio/video's.

    - Kathryn

  • testimonial quotesI started off as a yoga dabbler and with the help of your website, became a yoga enthusiast! Practicing yoga every day has transformed my body, mind and spirit -- and has greatly improved my Reiki practice. Thank you so much for providing a service that perfectly fits my lifestyle! PLUS: seeing how amazing I've turned out :) my husband has joined the party! Also, a special thanks to Clara Roberts-Oss & Rachel Wainwright, my 2 fav ladies. :)

    - Genta

  • testimonial quotesYou guys are lifesavers.
    I got hooked on ashtanga in the city. Then moved to the country and now have you website to keep me going.

    - Rhiannon

  • testimonial quotesHello!
    I just want to say thank you very much for this website. It is changing my life and my routine, since I can do Yoga anytime anywhere. I especially love Clara's videos and the landscape she chooses is amazing. I feel very encouraged because I am Brazilian and I moved to Rochester NY 3 years ago, and I suffer a lot with the winter, and it is hard to get motivated with physical activities here, since we stay indoors a lot. But I learned that you guys are in Canada, so I thought: yeah, we can be happy and feel connected, and practice a good yoga in this cloudy weather! Thank you again for helping me to go through this challenge. I hope that every time the learners feel good practicing your videos, you guys receive a positive vibration of gratitude that comes from us. Namaste. Tatiana

    - Tatiana
    Rochester, NY, USA

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much Yoga Online! :)
    I am from Sydney Australia and find your classes the perfect thing to start or end my day :)
    Recently, I haven't been able to attend my usual yoga school due to moving around Sydney a fair bit for work, so your online Hatha Style classes are great. I can do them any where, anytime and I just need my laptop! :)
    Very happy customer!!
    Thanks again,

    - Danielle
    Sydney, Australia

  • testimonial quotesI love this website! Not only is their a wide variety of yoga styles to explore but there is also nutritional info as well. I love having the complete package all together. I have kids and this is so convenient for me.

    - Lacey

  • testimonial quotesI truly appreciate My Yoga Online. I have gained so much knowledge from the online classes which has aided me in my on practice and my teaching skills. Since I live in the country, yoga classes are at least 30 to 45 minutes away. With classes online, I can do them any time of the day and there is so much variety. I have been a member for over a year. The price is right especially for unlimited classes. I am so grateful to have this available. Thank you! Thank you!

    - Rocci

  • testimonial quotesI cannot say enough positive, good things about MYO. The staff, videos, useful information, it is all wonderful!

    The fact that I can practice Yoga, Meditation, and so forth in the privacy of my own home (I'm not one who likes going to a gym/studio-type setting with strangers) was THE biggest draw for me.

    Thank you all so VERY much for creating this website. Keep up the great work!


    - Roxanne
    AZ, USA

  • testimonial quotesHello!

    I LOVE MyYogaOnline!!!
    Love it.

    I live in a very isolated community in the mountains of Maine with no real
    access to Yoga, so this is a perfect solution for me. Also, I'm an artist so I
    tend to work odd hours, so to be able to take a class at anytime day or night is
    so great!!! AND it's so lovely to have instant access to so many amazing classes
    and teachers.

    Thanks so much.

    - Shannon
    Maine, USA

  • testimonial quotesThe website and staff have been exceptional. Great customer service, patience and commitment to ensuring the person is taken care of.


  • testimonial quotesI just wanted to say thank you for myyogaonline..I have been getting bored with my yoga and meditation practices and now I feel like I am invigorated and feeling excited to practice again...I absolutely LOVE Clara Roberts-Oss classes...she is amazing and her flows are so wonderful...please have more of her classes! thank you

    - Jeanne
    Austin TX, USA

  • testimonial quotesI am camping on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I am out of practice when it comes to sleeping on the ground and woke with an angry back. Big thanks to My Yoga Online and Mr Weiss for saving me. A quick yoga session on my iPhone and I am ready for hiking and more! Outstanding and thank you again.

    - Tina
    Mount Terrace, WA, USA

  • testimonial quotesI have benefited so much from this site since I am out of (my) country and don't have access to yoga classes. Also, the IT person Ramesh is the most helpful, responsive IT person I have ever had contact with. Thank you!

    - Rachel
    Delhi, India

  • testimonial quotesPlease- more full length sessions with Jesse Enright! He has taught me more in 1 month about how to make yoga safe and beneficial than i had learned in 8 years through other sources. I love your site and have already referred 3 others since I've been a member.

    - Nina
    Orlando, USA

  • testimonial quotesI love myyogaonline and have found the quality of all of the lessons/videos that I have used to be of superior quality and so often, "just what the doctor ordered." I am especially fond of Bernie's Yin Yoga classes and use them regularly. Thanks again for your exceptional service and product. sincerely, Angela McIntyre

    - Angela
    Victoria, BC

  • testimonial quotesThank you for putting this website together for us. It is a wonderful thing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    - P.

  • testimonial quotesI have had a great experience with myyogaonline, with the classes,
    information, ease of use, and customer service.

    - Vanessa

  • testimonial quotesI wanted to tell you how great your website is and how much it has helped me. I have CFS and can no longer make it to classes as they are too long and strenuous. I love your classes esp Kreg's.

    - Andrea

  • testimonial quotesHi there -- I work with the UN and am currently based in Gaza. My Yoga Online is an amazing thing to have here and I couldn't be more grateful for it!

    - Gemma

  • testimonial quotesI have used this site for months now and I love it. I have had so many new ideas about yoga and how to do it better.

    - Diana
    Louisiana, USA

  • testimonial quotesHello,

    I have been so pleased with both the member services and the wonderful
    instructors and videos that MyYogaOnline provides. MYO has made it so easy
    to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. Whether I need to feel
    rejuvenated or work on my strength, I know I can always find the perfect
    class and I look forward to it every day. Thank you so much, this website
    has really healed me. I love myyogaonline!

    - Elena
    San Francisco, USA

  • testimonial quotesThank you My Yoga Online, for simply providing this wonderful,and awesome online Yoga website. I have signed-up to your monthly subscription, and have used it to watch the yoga videos and workshops. I am a yoga instructor myself, but love to be the student once and a while too. I find that I have pick up so many ideas, and learn from each of your instructors. I appreciate this yoga online and the ability to access it anytime, anywhere on my pc.

    - Lynn
    Milw, WI, USA

  • testimonial quotesI am a personal trainer and artist. I work with functional fitness and injury prevention and correction practices. I have very little time to go to yoga classes and yet many of the movements relate to full physical function which relates directly to what I do. I love the range of classes and teachers offered here and I use the site almost everyday. The teaching and level of creativity is as good as it gets. Thank you for offering such a valuable tool.

    - Letitia
    Chicago, United States

  • testimonial quotesI've been a member of My Yoga Online since about January, and I absolutely love it. I think it's such a great idea, and has probably helped so many people add something to their practice.

    I had been taking a yoga class every Saturday through the Rec Center on my university campus, but when I came back for the second term, the class had been canceled due to lack of interest. I lived sort of far from most of the yoga studios in my town, not to mention that for a student, sometimes classes can be a little too pricey to make a habit of going regularly (especially when you take a cab there!). However I loved doing yoga, and wanted to start doing it more than once a week. That's when I found your site, and was so ecstatic to find what an awesome monthly price it was. I loved that I could practice at home, and have such a selection to choose from. The reason I was always a little skeptical of buying a yoga DVD was because I knew I'd need a change after a little while, so MYO is perfect because I'm never bored. Another plus is that there are videos of all different lengths, so if I have a busy day, but need a 5 minute, or a 20 minute stretch or meditation by the end of it, I can do so. I am still a firm believer of the importance of in-studio yoga time though, because I think it's important to have an instructor there to help with alignment and things like that, and I also love the atmosphere of being in a studio, so I make a point to go to a class once every week or two. But your site has definitely changed my life - it was such a dramatic change being able to go from practicing yoga once a week to almost every day. I can think more clearly, I sleep better, eat better, have stopped smoking, have more energy, and am much more in tune with my senses.

    Also, as I've gotten more into yoga, I've found the other stuff on the site immensely helpful. I've started meditating a little bit, and I also have the found the Mind-Body videos really informative. I've read some of the articles on natural beauty products, health, and general well-being, and always take something valuable away from each of them. It's apparent that the people running MYO really care about getting the overall messages of yoga and healthy living across to people. I think that the site allows people who may not have been able to do yoga before (because of price, time constraints, or lack of studios in their area) to get a chance to try it, and that's admirable. More people in the world doing yoga is definitely a good thing! Overall, I think it represents the benefit that can come from using modern technology for such positive things. Thanks for what I'm sure is a lot of hard work to keep the site running, and finding time to show your customers that they're valued.

    - Katie
    Waterloo, CA

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy your site. I am an instructor and it is nice to take a
    class at home and get ideas for my own classes at the same time. I
    also really like your new website.

    - Jody
    Hamilton, CA

  • testimonial quotesI have been following the classes quite
    regularly and it has helped my concentration and feeling of physical and
    mental well-being.
    Thanks and namaste!

    - Julia
    Chicago, Illinois

  • testimonial quotesYoga online allows me to try a multitude of classes so I never get bored and always learn new poses to incorporate into my practice.

    - Melissa
    Towson, USA

  • testimonial quotesHi MyYogaOnline,

    I love everything that you do for the yoga community - a fab website, excellent well thought through video's offering a great range of advice and guidance... Thank You!


    - Paul
    Newcastle, UK

  • testimonial quotes
    I love your site. It keeps me on the mat when I can't get to classes.

    - Leah
    Toronto, Canada

  • testimonial quotesYou guys do a great job and I love the web site and the videos.

    - Valerie
    San Bernardino

  • testimonial quotes
    Hi, I really love myo - it has reawakened my love of yoga - thank you!

    - Helan

  • testimonial quotes
    Please keep up the beautiful work you are doing with this site - it is a wonderful gift to my practice. Be Well.

    - Natali

  • testimonial quotesI think the site is brilliant, I have recommended it to people
    and am using it regularly myself . To your continued success!

    - Charlotte

  • testimonial quotesMyYogaOnline is fantastic and I plan to be a member for many years! Now back to the mat....

    - Teresa

  • testimonial quotesi just love this site - i am new to yoga but it is all here.
    i have already asked a question about my health and wellbeing and it was responded too almost immediately and with really simple and expert advice.
    i cannot recommend this site enough - awesome
    Michele in the UK

    - Michele

  • testimonial quotesI have really enjoyed my year membership with My Yoga Online. I have been impressed with the calibre of the instruction, the variety of classes offered and most importantly, the convenience of accessing quality programs whenever and wherever my schedule permits. I can't think of a better system to fit my own lifestyle and am looking forward to another year together!

    - Mary

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy the convenience of being able to carry on a home practice
    with quality teaching online. Thank you for this.

    - Lynette

  • testimonial quotesYour service is awesome!

    i love all the vids, great for touching up on skills, teaching techniques
    and anatomy classes too! very very shakti


    - Mike

  • testimonial quotesThanks so much!! You guys saved my life when I was in the middle of the desert in South America for two years.
    Namaste, Peace and Love.

    - Aoife

  • testimonial quotesI find My Yoga online incredibly good. I find myself coming in my office and doing a 10 minutes, 20 minutes or one hour practice at any time of day, just when I feel like it , sometimes searching for peace and meditation, others for real exercises.

    - Martine

  • testimonial quotesI love the variety of yoga levels and classes! It gets me doing yoga everyday, and I feel

    - Robyn

  • testimonial quotesHi, I really love myo - it has reawakened my love of yoga - thank you!

    - Helan

  • testimonial quotesI joined about 2 months ago, and I love using the site so much! It has made yoga so much more accessible to me from my own home.

    - Anne

  • testimonial quotesI'm very grateful to have found you guys online! I am currently living in a small part of Spain for a year where literally NO yoga studios exist. As you can imagine that was a major shock for me, coming from big city in Canada where there's a yoga studio on every corner you turn! You guys are running a wonderful program. Cheers, Victoria

    - Victoria

  • testimonial quotesI was doing "real" studio yoga for years in los angeles & nyc & then left for the suburbs. The studios outside of major cities just don't measure up & myyogaonline is far superior to them.

    - Audrey

  • testimonial quotesI so appreciate the variety and ability to do a class when it fits my schedule and being able to try some new challenges, such as belly dancing with noone watching me! You guys are providing a wonderful service!

    - Kathie

  • testimonial quotesHi there - I am so grateful for your website. Thanks so much! Keep up the amazing work. You have changed my life and allowed yoga to be a daily part of my existence. Thank you, Alex

    - Alex

  • testimonial quotesThank you for your wonderful site.

    - Ruben

  • testimonial quotesI have been a yoga online site participant for about seven months. Let me
    begin by saying this site brings joy to my days. It is absolutely fabulous,
    freeing and restorative. I am always challenged and mentally engaged. I
    usually practice yoga with you once a day.

    - Maria

  • testimonial quotesThanks for your series - love the site!

    - Jyoti

  • testimonial quotesHi! I LOVE MY YOGA ONLINE. I live on a small island in Mexico and having yoga at my fingertips has been like a dream. Thank you so much! You guys are doing a great job namaste

    - Sheryln

  • testimonial quotesI love myyogaonline! As a busy stay at home mom I have to be flexible if I am going to work out on a regular basis. Myyogaonline allows me to do this.

    - Liz

  • testimonial quotesHi MYO! I love love LOVE your website. It's amazing I hadn't heard of you earlier, but my friend Yvette recommended you. I am currently leading a very busy life and didn't have time or money for yoga studios and this is perfect for me. And I can travel! Yay!

    - Sarah-Kate

  • testimonial quotesHi! I love this site! I don't practice at a studio anymore, they're too crowded and typically don't offer the type of class I want, when I want it!

    - Heather

  • testimonial quotesI enjoy that your focus is on simple, deep practice. I hope that I can keep enjoying myyogaonline in this way for another long time, Thanks again.

    - R.

  • testimonial quotesI would like to suggest more yin yoga. Berni Clark is a FANTASTIC teacher of that kind of practice. His classes are more than fun and pretty interesting. Time goes really fast when I practice with him. Yoga on line is a very cool idea, I am from Spain and I enjoy so much a lot of your video filmings. Namaste

    - N.

  • testimonial quotesI haven't had the luxury of a consistent yoga studio or live yoga instruction except every few months, partly because I travel, partly because of where I live.The MyYogaOnline download series has enabled me to maintain a healthy, consistent yoga practice for over a year now! Thank you. I'm truly grateful for the MyYogaOnline service - I haven't been able to join as yet, but will this year for sure. In the interim, I have not just survived, but completely thrived on the downloads you've made available for purchase and been able to maintain an excellent practice through those. When I am able to attend a class, I am never behind and never need special attention - I am right up to speed with everyone there. This is because the MyYogaOnline videos are so thorough and fantastic! Many, many thanks! Namaste!

    - Nicholas

  • testimonial quotesI love myyogaonline and have been with you for over a year now. This site has changed my life, literally.

    - N.

  • testimonial quotesThanks so much, I think your program is really great and inspiring. I've been meditating much more steadfastly since signing up with your program it's hard to do it just by myself every day.

    - Lindy

  • testimonial quotesI love your website for the quality and variety of your videos as well as for eliminating the rush to class, the parking search, etc.! Thank you for such a great website!!

    - S.

  • testimonial quotesI just wanted to pass on my thanks for the fantastic site that you have all created. I had found that my yoga practice was dropping away over the past few years as I wasn't able to make it to classes that fit in with my work schedule (perhaps the time we need to be practicing most!). Finding this site has made a big difference to my yoga practice and being able to download practices as well is so helpful for times when I can't get to the internet (but when I can still get to my ipod and a computer). <br/><br/>

    The classes are all so well done and I have enjoyed every one I have tried. Having access to different styles keeps the practice fresh when I need a bit of a change, but being able to re-do my favorites helps me to become more familiar with the asanas and learn to do them properly. Also, the blog and message boards are interesting and a great source of information that helps to stay connected and part of the yoga community. I also love the educative videos that are on the site, that are such an important part of understanding yoga.


    - Jo

  • testimonial quotesThank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will continue to share my
    wonderful experience with MyYogaOnline with friends and family.

    - Lauren

  • testimonial quotesThe site is lovely, the videos are of
    an excellent quality, and I particularly like the anatomy videos.

    - Annie

  • testimonial quotesI have to say I am very impressed with My Yoga Online's website.
    Your extensive library and the professional video quality make it an easy site to come to for my daily yoga workout.

    - Shanin

  • testimonial quotesI would like to say that I love this website. 6 years ago, I was diagnosed (in an open lung
    biopsy) with pulmonary fibrosis (formaldehyde poisoning) and given
    only 6 months to live. Obviously, I proved the MDs wrong! However,
    to have any quality of life, I have had to make major nutritional and
    exercise changes. Yoga and Qigong have become my primary forms of
    exercise. My biggest struggle has been finding dvds that move slowly
    enough to accommodate my lungs. You have several of these on your
    website! (I wish this website had been available 6 years ago!)I am
    also thrilled with the amount of educational material available
    through your website. This alone is worth the price of joining!
    While I have many yoga dvds (practice and theory), most, once
    purchased, were too 'fast' or intense for me to use. Some I could
    adapt but most I had to give away as I was unable to exhale C02 fast
    enough! This limited me to very beginner stretching dvds! Thank-you.

    - Mary

  • testimonial quotesYour site had made me fall in love with Yoga and Healthy living.

    - Shehnaaz

  • testimonial quotesI only use the computer mainly for your programme. I just love it. you have the best instructors. I have one request. would it be possible to have 1 hour of pilates with instructions. just nice and easy with good technique. thank you very much. I wish you every success and happiness, god bless. blanche pinto.

    - Blanche

  • testimonial quotesHello and Namaste!I Your practices are infinitely
    inspiring, and I love your teachers! Warmest wishes and happiest new
    year! Rosie

    - Rosie

  • testimonial quotesI
    absolutely love your website and I'm so grateful that I found it. The
    classes are wonderful and the ion and diversity is so great!

    - Liz

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy your service, the convenience is fantastic and I really enjoy the variety of sessions offered.

    - Carolyn

  • testimonial quotesThank you very
    much. I truly enjoy the website, using different videos 2-3 times a
    week to continue my yoga practice. I have certainly noticed a
    difference in my mobility and flexibility over the past 10
    months.Sincerely, Lauren Dill

    - Lauren

  • testimonial quotesBonjour !

    This is the best Xmas gift I could ask for ! Also, I can’t believe a 'real' person responded to my emails today… this is not usual in this 'crazy' era.

    I will continue to tell all my friends about your excellent work.

    - Julie

  • testimonial quotesI am very happy with MyYogaOnline, I love to keep exercising with their excellent videos and recommendations. You have a really special site that I recommend often to my friends.

    - C.

  • testimonial quotesTHANKS for this
    great website. I am a solo mom that could not do yoga classes anymore
    (unless I have babysitters over 4 times/week which does not make any
    sense !) and NOW I CAN practice my yoga again ! It’s soooo much better
    than dvd’s since I can try many classes. I have found yoga freedom
    again !

    - Julie

  • testimonial quotesIt's a really fantastic site. Apart from the great yoga
    workouts, the short video on "upper cross syndrome" has been a
    revelation in helping me understand why I feel so horrible and tense
    after working at the computer all day at work, and the recommended
    exercises have made a big difference to the discomfort. Also I now
    have a big "crush" on Clara.....hahaha!!!I also convinced my friend
    Eunice to join too. RegardsShane

    - Shane

  • testimonial quotesI love myyogaonline.com Having the ability to try so many styles of yoga and not having to drive over an hour to our nearest studio is amazing. This website has been life changing. Thanks so much for all you do..

    - Liz

  • testimonial quotesI signed up for my yoga online when I was working
    in a small village in France the last 4 1/2 months and was missing
    doing yoga. It was fantastic. I am returning next year for 7 months
    and am so thrilled that I'll be able to do yoga again while I'm there.
    Thank you for a wonderful variety of classes and excellent instructors!

    - C.

  • testimonial quotesI have been so impressed with the quality of customer service that My Yoga
    Online has provided. This opportunity has motivated me to explore videos on
    the site that were completely new to me. I am realizing now how important
    fitting yoga into my budget and life is for my well-being. My Yoga Online
    has made it easy for both.

    - Elena

  • testimonial quotesThe benefits I'm feeling from yoga are truly amazing!
    I honestly feel them every day.
    I am very glad I discovered the yin yoga.
    I feel much more open from my torso to my knees - just the area he said that as we get older (and I am getting older!) gets more tight.

    Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays.


    - Donald

  • testimonial quotesI love the program and am enjoying practices a lot. Thanks and Merry Xmas.

    - Kath

  • testimonial quotesI love My Yoga Online. It saved my life.

    - Leah

  • testimonial quotesMy Yoga Online has changed my life. Last spring due to a slipped disc in my neck half of my entire body was numb. It was a very scary time and I felt a lot of despair. I joined My Yoga Online at that time and started with Padma's introductory routine. I did it over and over until the numbness lessened, then I moved on to Kreg Weiss' routines (now I can even do Level 3). I use My Yoga Online almost every day. It has saved me!

    - Kirsten

  • testimonial quotesYou guys are
    really great! This website is the perfect addition to my studio yoga
    practice. It keeps me doing yoga every day of the week!

    - Cassy

  • testimonial quotesMy Yoga Online is one of my favorite things. I am an instructor who has teenage children and I have a hard time making

    time for my practice. My Yoga Online allows me the freedom to practice when and where I can fit it into my life. I love the

    variety that you offer.

    - Kathy

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy this
    site and share it with lots of people. Thank you for your
    wonderful videos.

    - Alexander

  • testimonial quotesI really like all the helpful articles and information on living a healthy spiritual life. I find the yoga sections very relaxing and they really help with my stress level. Thank you, Tracy

    - Tracy

  • testimonial quotesI have been a member for more than a year now and I am requesting more
    meditation classes. Especially meditation for sleep and stress. At least 20
    min long would be good. I really like Michelle Trantina and Daniel Mireki. Your yoga classes are great and this is a wonderful web site that I
    have recommended to many of my patients.


    Sheree Lauth MD

    - Sheree

  • testimonial quotesDear My Yoga Online,

    I loved your website. I was a member for at least two years. I plan to come
    back when my finances straighten out. I loved the variety, safety and
    educational value of the videos. I especially love the spiritual essence of
    practicing yoga as a moving meditation in my own home. So, this isn't the
    last you have heard from me.

    - Laurie

  • testimonial quoteshi, very nice your web site..thank you..i started 4 years ago play yoga, change my life. Istanbul- Turkei Love & Light.

    - Zehra

  • testimonial quotesAt age 55, I truly feel yoga will help me accomplish my goal of staying limber and balanced along with the other things I'm doing like walking and exercising.
    I feel there have been so many positive effects from the yoga, it's even hard for me to articulate.
    I have a very youthful spirit which is important to me and I feel yoga helps me keep that spirit alive.
    Presently I'm semi-retired from teaching, however I am embarking on a new path in my life that if successful will possibly make me more busy than I was when I was teaching full time, and yoga will help me in that journey I'm sure.
    I want to share with you my deepest appreciation for the services and gifts you give through MYOL and being so accessible.
    Your organization is fantastic and filled with great people.

    - Donald

  • testimonial quotesDear My Yoga Online,

    I really enjoyed being a member over the past summer. While I usually
    practice at a yoga studio, when the kids get out of school for summer,
    my practice usually falls to the way side until the fall. My Yoga Online
    enabled me to continue my practice through the summer months. The online
    instruction was very helpful & I loved being able to the level &
    style of practice at any time of day. I do intend to rejoin again next
    summer. Thank you & I wish you all a healthy & prosperous year.


    - Paula

  • testimonial quotesMy feedback:I love this website, and classes! I'm beginner at yoga and find classes that suit my level. I also do pilates and also enjoy it. I don't need to go out from my house to find the best teachers and advice. Thank you! Agata

    - Agata

  • testimonial quotesI sincerely enjoy using My Yoga Online for my daily yoga, pilates, and meditation practice. It is very affordable and the choices seem limitless.

    - Soraya

  • testimonial quotesMyYogaOnline is the perfect website to find a yoga instructors
    and practitioners for what a student is looking for. Often, when I
    went to a couple of teachers here in Melbourne, Australia, I wasn't
    satisfied because the teachers didn't know me or didn't take in
    consideration of my body, of my ability and my goal. I have found
    MyYogaOnline a very good and brilliant design for emotional and
    spiritual stability.

    I really enjoy MyYogaOnline's videos, they help me unlock
    my deepest potential and take me to higher states of health and well-



    - Edy

  • testimonial quotesI love your site! Thank you for all that you bring to our
    community. :)

    I especially love the anatomy lessons etc as I do not have that background
    and I've been learning as much as I can through sources such as yours.
    I live in upstate NY about 2 hours from a very nice Yoga Center. (Kripalu) I
    go there as often as I can. Your online resource has been a great help to
    me as a supplement to my learning.

    - Kelly

  • testimonial quotesMy Yoga online was fantastic. I plan to resubscribe after I have
    recovered from surgery. I have never taken any yoga classes, but this was
    the perfect opportunity for me to get used to yoga in the comfort of my own
    Thank you,

    - Erin

  • testimonial quotesHello....my yoga online team
    I really am so happy to be your member , almost 6 months already that i keep practice with you, I found the best part of mind that i never thought and expected before. Yoga help me think in positive, clear my mind, and nothing can stop me to fall in love with yoga.
    Thank you so much.

    - Supanni

  • testimonial quotesHello I just want to say how much I love your website. I am an
    actress and have to tour a lot and it is so wonderful to be able to
    access your beautiful classes wherever I am.

    - Caroline

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy my yoga online, the many different teachers, styles, and levels.
    I really love your website and I always recommend it to friends
    and family who are interested in learning about yoga.

    Thanks for having providing an awesome service :)

    - Calliope.

  • testimonial quotesMYO is easy to use and I like the choice of restorative, relaxing,
    beginner, and yin yoga classes. The few videos I have used are goodthe
    teachers were well-paced, informative, guiding. Other classes or videos I have tried have
    voiceovers that talk too much, explain too little, move too fast or too
    slow, or that frankly are annoying, and I'm happy I didn't find that in the
    MYO videos.
    I like the convenience, and,
    over time I know I will venture beyond my comfort zones and really gain
    experience, strength and flexibility. Thanks!

    - Dedra

  • testimonial quotesI like My Yoga Online very much. I especially find Jesse Enright's videos VERY helpful.

    - Sue

  • testimonial quotesYou guys are doing important work. I am a nurse practitioner and a yoga teacher so I refer and use your site alot. Thanks!

    - Mizzy

  • testimonial quotesLOVE the yoga class I downloaded last night Beginner Yoga With Padma! Must see if this
    fabulous lady has any more lessons. Voice like honey! Thanks IM

    - Izabella

  • testimonial quotesSimply the best, better then the rest.
    No other site does yoga, pilates, customer service, like you do.

    Thank you

    - A.

  • testimonial quotesHello! I just wanted to write to express how delighted I am with this
    site! I joined this site because I wanted access to yoga and yoga
    teachers without having to pay the costs of going to an actual studio.
    The costs are super reasonable and I love the 24 hour access! Being
    able to do yoga at 11pm if I choose is a wonderful luxury!I'm so
    delighted with the pilates video, too, and the first time I tried
    pilates was here on your site.Thank you for having such a positive and
    affordable site! I'm very happy with it!

    - Zarla

  • testimonial quotesJust wanted to let you know that both my daughter (14 years old) and I
    thoroughly enjoyed our first session with My Yoga Online....looking forward
    to using it again today. What a nice, hassle free way for people with
    erratic schedules (and who are in and out of town) to make yoga part of
    their daily routine. Thank you for that!

    - Kim

  • testimonial quotesHello!
    I love the Morning Hatha Flow and wondered if we will be able to purchase
    it at some point? I love your site and am grateful to have found exactly
    what i've been looking for. Thank you, thank you , thank you!!

    - Carol

  • testimonial quotesI LOVE My Yoga online. I was very excited when I found it searching the web one day. I am able to do yoga from the comfort of my own home and not have to pay the very expensive fees that are associated with joining a yoga studio. I really like that the site offers both yoga and pilates, as well as meditation practices. It helps me to further my practice and explore new practices that I probably would not have tried had it been offered at a yoga studio.

    - Carolina

  • testimonial quotesThank you for offering such a service. Your
    affordable, convenient service has made it possible for me to
    incorporate yoga into my morning schedule. If I had to go anywhere, it
    would not have happened. I tell everyone I know about My Yoga Online.

    - L.

  • testimonial quotesI just want to say how pleased I am to have found
    your site. It is giving me a new lease on life. Thanks so much. I am delighted by
    the teachers I've encountered so far - they are mindful of their
    "distant" students.

    - J

  • testimonial quotesI moved to very rural New Mexico from New York City about 2.5 years
    ago. The closest yoga studio is over 100 miles away. I started
    taking classes with My Yoga Online several months ago and I am so
    happy with the teachers, the varied styles and changing programs. I
    do my practice on my deck, overlooking the mountains thank you so
    much for your wonderful classes.

    - L.

  • testimonial quotesI enjoy your variety of yoga and pilates classes. Your programs
    enhance my home practice and greatly support my studio practice
    too.Your website is informative and interesting.

    - Billie

  • testimonial quotesJust received my first online magazine - and saw the feedback
    section. I'm very happy with your service, the range of yoga
    instructors and the very high quality of teaching and technique.
    Having worked directly with yoga teachers in real time for over 5
    years, I would not have thought it possible to transmit through video
    teaching some of the precision necessary in proper yoga alignment.
    You've done an excellent job with photographic angles as well as using high
    quality instructors who slow down enough to explain poses with
    attention to detail, offer modifications, etc. Anyway - you
    are offering an awesome service and I appreciate your quality. You've
    greatly helped support my home practice. Thank you! Carrie in Spokane

    - Carrie

  • testimonial quotesThanks so much for your site. I have recently joined as a member.
    Your site has allowed me to maintain a more consistent home practice.
    I am able to attend a local studio one day a week. Your website and
    wonderful videos allows me to have a practice everyday.

    - Mark

  • testimonial quotesI can't thank you all enough for your website. Your teachers and classes are a remarkable gift.

    - R.

  • testimonial quotesI love MyYogaOnline and rave to my friends and
    family about the convenience and quality of your services.

    - Brittany

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much for the
    service you provide, I've told a couple of friends about the service
    and I believe they have signed up as well. What a great piece of the
    puzzle for someone like me who juggles her schedules around.Thank you
    for adding to my practice!

    - Erica

  • testimonial quotesHey hi Namste

    I am a ardent reader of ur blog it s simple and detailed information

    Its complete

    Thank you so much

    I look forward to receive ur mails

    I run my yoga classes successfully in Bandra Mumbai

    Ur blog is of good help Keep it up



    - Anita

  • testimonial quotesThis is really a wonderful site , i came across suddenly,while browsing and looking for material on meditation and yoga.
    All the aspects are very well explained and presented and its really hard and patient research that has gone through to make this site a woderful experience.
    In india the yoga training for us begins in early childhood itself,and further its the choice of individual, i feel indstituitions like you are doing an exemplery job, in spreading awareness,and benefits of leading a yogic way of life.
    We are too stressed in our hectic routines to even think of being fit. Its only when we get intophysical problems we look out for alternative treatments and stumble upon yoga perhaps for better.
    Our society would be such a better place to live with no barriers except love and respect being generated and spread around.
    Love and regards to all who read this and to all who practice " Athayoganushashanam" Continual self discipline, the first line of Panatanjali yogasutram.

    - Jagdish

  • testimonial quotesI love your website
    and recommend it to people all the time. Thanks for existing! I have a busy
    schedule - I am in nursing school, so the classes are perfect for me and I
    can take care of myself.

    - Amber

  • testimonial quotesThankyou thankyou thankyou. This has made my day. I am checking out the classes and they are perfect for what i need. Wonderful website. Good work.
    My journey with CFIDS has been a challenge and yoga has helped me time and time again to ground and help accept what is happening with my body. I have been wanting to commit to a daily practice and have been blocked for some reason, now this will help !!

    - Andrea

  • testimonial quotesGotta tell you I'm a fan of your yoga web site! I joined quite a few months ago, used it for a while, but fell off the wagon. (My wife was getting mad at me because I was paying for it and not using.)
    I had emailed you a couple of questions and you promptly emailed back with very good sound advice.
    You are what this internet stuff is for!
    I'm quite a bit older than you, almost 55, and feel I need the yoga. I could go on and on, but basically will say that I haven't had a physical fitness history and about 8 years ago I started to work out.
    I haven't gone to the gym for quite a while and seem to be in constant pain in my back and shoulders.
    I started back doing your yoga stuff (I like all the instructors, but you're the best Kreg!) and just today did the ball one. I honestly can feel that if I keep it up this time it's going to help my "older age" pains. My physical therapist said the yoga would be good for me.
    I'm going to try stick with it this time!!!!
    Love the meditation too, though I don't do that as much as I should.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    - Donald

  • testimonial quotesAfter spending one month away from myyogaonline, I have really missed the
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    I really like your website and have been telling lots of friends and family
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    I like that your site has information on a pretty wide variety of subjects,
    not only yoga videos. I find that there is plenty of info to gain on
    day-to-day things, like green living, green cleaning, healthy eating and
    living, and sitting-at-a-desk problems and advice. I think because of this
    latter topic (upper & lower cross syndromes) I have found a major part of
    what has been ailing me (I have been to many doctors for nearly the past
    decade for some of it!). Fantastic!

    Thank you!

    - Shauna

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    Keep up the good work,


    - Martha

  • testimonial quotesI love you. I live in a little village of 15 residents in the middle of nowhere in Spain and there is no yoga here. But since I know you I feel again conected. Every day I do a practice, your classes are excellent and you have marvelous teachers. Thank you so much.

    - Lydia

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    Your site helps practicing whenever and wherever you are, I never miss a day !!!
    Keep going and lots of success to MYO
    Nancy - France (Paris)

    - Nancy

  • testimonial quotesA first year law student, Christine, won a year membership to MYO through one of our charity events. She was a little skeptical at first, but I reassured her that it would challenge her and be a great way to fit exercise and relaxation into her very busy lifestyle. A few weeks later we were talking I asked her about her membership to MYO, she exploded with excitement! She explained that it was so hard to go to the gym, to yoga or do anything that wasn’t school related. She said that she had grown addicted to coffee and really felt too much pressure if she left the house, if she wasn’t going to the library or to class. Using her MYO membership was amazing! She could practice yoga from the comfort of her house! She didn’t have to feel guilty about wasting time on the commute, in the change rooms or on the studios schedule, she was in control and that was unbelievable. Christine explained that she felt amazing, that she forgot how great it felt to move her body, how energized she felt and prepared mentally and physically for the grueling regime that had become her life at University. She was very grateful that she had won and excited to tell her fellow students how MYO helped her study and be more productive academically all the while making her feel fabulous!

    - Erin,

  • testimonial quotesI am almost a beginner and I find your site brilliant. It's clear and easy to understand the instructions you give for the poses and the breathing. And I feel better afterwards. Thank you for a great site.

    Teresa U.K.

    - Teresa

  • testimonial quotesFirstly, I would like to thank you for this venue to practice yoga/piliates. I am more comfortable doing yoga in my home. Over the years, I had purchased many dvds to assist meh my practice but what I found was that I didn't learn much from many of the teachers. This always led to purchasing different ones (dvds) to find the right teacher with the right technique. In short, myyogaonline.com has offered me not only various teachers to choose from but different levels of training and additional health information to boot. Thank you very much.

    - K.

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    - Neringa

  • testimonial quotesI LOVE this site. It is such a blessing to have such
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    incense. It is our space.

    - Janet

  • testimonial quotesJust wanted to to say that I have been using your site for a while now and I think it is wonderful. I live in fear that one day I will log in and everyone will have left! Just wanted to let you know that you are all appreciated - even in the Highlands of Scotland. xx

    - Fiona

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    - S.

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    Thanks to your prenatal courses, that I constantly visited, I had an easy labor and a wonderful childbirth and above all I took just 7 Kg in 9 months, maintaining my body flexible and obtaining a body and energy restoration and relaxation.
    Now that my pregnancy is finished and Aurora (my daughter) is here with me, I'm interested to continue following your yoga practices improving my body flexibility.
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    I started taking yoga lessons when I was 15 (10 yrs ago) and lived in LA. Since I moved back to Brazil I haven't been able to find a place that would meet my schedule, and have been taking yoga lessons in gyms, which are always too crowded.
    I just signed in but have arleady spent the past 4 hours watching the videos, and reading!
    Thank you for being around!!!
    your newst bigest fan

    - Juliana

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    Namasté, Heike

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    I recently became an apprentice to a rare Korean Martial Arts/Shamanic arts master. He is slowly giving me simple, yet profound energetic body/mind actions and therefore is awakening my yoga practice. So...these past couple of days without the voice of Nico Luce...well. THANKS. Namaste.

    - L.K.

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    - Dianne

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    - J.

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    - Myrel

  • testimonial quotesIt is a wonderful website. I am a physician so I am never able to make it to yoga classes so I love being able to do them at home!

    - A.

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    - Diane

  • testimonial quotesI really like your website...you have a lot to offer....it keeps growing! you just added anusara (which i love). Many blessings.

    - Marcia

  • testimonial quotesTalk about synchronicity. I did Christine Price
    Clark's level 3-4 anusara practice this morning after hearing some bad
    news yesterday and only getting 4 1/2 hours sleep. It was so healing
    and wonderful. Thank you for another great yoga experience. This is
    why I recommend your site to all my patients. Namaste, Nicole

    - Nichole

  • testimonial quotes"I am in love with this site! To "take a class" where I am the only
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    I very much like the way you "teach" your sessions. You do an excellent job explaining the poses and process. I'm quite stiff and have difficulty with some of the poses, but I'm trying!

    Anyway, thanks again. You are amazing as is this website. I look forward to continuing my yoga journey and here's to a better mental and physical health. (Wish I would've started this stuff when I was your age!) I also look forward to exploring the meditation and breathing videos.

    Thank you again!

    - D.

  • testimonial quotesMy friend and I use your service very regularly and are so happy with it. We love that we can choose different styles, difficulty, and time so easily. We are also thrilled to be able to save our favorites. Your instructors are all great in their own ways.

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    - Eleni

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    Kind Regards,

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    - Krista,

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    - Myrna

  • testimonial quotesJust a quick message to say how much I am enjoying the classes on this website. I am a Pilates and Yoga Teacher and this gives me great ideas for my classes and also means I can do your classes myself at my own convenience. I particularly like Yin Yoga and was wondering if you are planning any new classes in the future. Namsate Alison Cheshire, England

    - Alison

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy the site. I began my subscription shortly after my daughter was born as a way to get back into shape without having to leave the house. Thank-you.

    - D.

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    - Suzanne,

  • testimonial quotesNamaste' Just wanted to say how awesome this site is - absolutely love it! Favorite teachers are Kreg (incredible presence), Clara and Nico. Marla is special too. Thanks for all the love and devotion you've put into your work! Shanti M

    - Marilyn

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    - Nikki

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  • testimonial quotesI just want to say you are all great and I love your site. You were very instrumental in making me feel more worthy because I could do yoga - I am overweight. My personal trainer has often been surprised that I was to do different things that she expected I would not be strong enough to do - like the plank and balancing and core work.

    - Freda

  • testimonial quotesHello! I love what your doing. the classes are very high quality and amazingly inspiring. So convenient. Love the format. Thank You so much!

    - A.

  • testimonial quotesi just wanted to let you all know that i LOVE this site!!! Thank you for providing such an outstanding service!

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  • testimonial quotesI live in NYC and am able to attend yoga classes 'live' maybe once or twice a month, but at 20+ dollars a class, more than twice a month is a little out of my budget. I can't thank you fine folks at MyYogaOnline enough for allowing me to take fully challenging classes on my own terms, for an incredible price. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate it.

    - John

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  • testimonial quotesI think you provide a very valuable service and started you using My Yoga Online while traveling. I've especially enjoyed your pre-natal yoga with Ariel Pavic, and now have been focusing on my own practice at home as we are ready to give birth real soon!!!
    Best Wishes & Thanks for your services.

    - Shiran

  • testimonial quotesI'm thoroughly enjoying your siteI have 5 kids I homeschool so it's much better than having to coordinate schedules to get out to the yoga studios! I actually have more time for my running, too! I love how your site is so well organized and the variety is awesome!

    - L.

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    - Niomi

  • testimonial quotesI want to thank you for such a wonderful site. I just completed my 200 hr teacher training with The Wilmington Yoga Center, and will look forward to practicing with the videos on this site. I also appreciate the authenticity of the Yoga classes and info offered.

    - Sharon

  • testimonial quotesI have found My Yoga Online to be excellent.
    It is really nice to have the flexibility to do a class of pretty much any duration / difficulty at any time.


    - Angela

  • testimonial quotesGreetings,I have been planning on writing for some time, so when I realized it has been a year since I started watching your videos, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to say THANK YOU MY YOGA ONLINE! Your informative and well demonstrated videos helped me stay focused and inspired through my 100lb weight-loss journey... So once again, THANK YOU you are appreciated.Namaste

    - C.

  • testimonial quotesThank you so very much, you guys are wonderful and I cannot tell you how helpful having your site has been. I have lost 35 pounds since doing yoga and your site is the best. Also, the benefits of having yoga online so I can work out anytime has helped the most.

    - Katheryn

  • testimonial quotesI joined My Yogaonline about a month ago and I am loving my membership! Your website is very informative and I love the online Yoga classes. All of the teachers are wonderful but my absolute favorite is Clara Roberts-Oss...she is awesome! I would love to see more class offerings from her in the near future. Thank you for your time!

    - Ginger

  • testimonial quotesI'm a long-time yoga practitioner and your site is terrific for someone like me who wants to keep their practice fresh, but prefers to do a home practice. I love the variety of classes and enjoy trying new things. The video quality is excellent. I'm thoroughly enjoying gaining familiarity with your site.

    - Baetrice

  • testimonial quotesMy experience with your site was always outstanding. I had an issue viewing classes at one point and you worked with me until the problem was fixed.
    I recommend your site any chance I get. It is very reasonably priced and the classes are easy to follow.
    Thank you

    - K.

  • testimonial quotesI spent a couple of hours yesterday just going through your wonderful website for the first time now that I am a member. It is what I have been looking for for such a long time. I could never find DVD's that suited me and indeed you can spend a lot on them without knowing what they are like. The fact that your membership is flexible is a bonus too.

    - L.

  • testimonial quotesLove the site. Love it. Love the teachers love everything.

    Ever thought of:

    a) Kid's Yoga video-how to practice with young kids
    b) Baby Yoga-how to do baby yoga

    Thank you for a great site.

    - C.

  • testimonial quotesHello, I just want to say love your site. As someone whose financial situation is changing, making neighborhood classes a thing of the past (except on occasion) I am really grateful to have found your site. Please ask Bernie Clark to do more yin yoga sets. I really love his gentle and humorous ways. Not to mention the vast knowledge he clearly has. Thank you! Namaste, Nicole

    - Nicole,

  • testimonial quotesYou have created fantastic site. The site is just "Class beyond compare" I am multimedia developer from india. My wife is yoga instructor. She learned it from wellknown institute established by Mahatama Gandhi. I love yoga and your site congrates again.

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  • testimonial quotesHello, Just to compliment you on the excellent web site. The content is there and the quality of the video streaming is exceptional. Thank you, Justin

    - Justin

  • testimonial quotesHi! First of all, let me tell you (as I may have before) that your program is simply awesome. The teachers are great, the customer service is always friendly and helpful, and I tell everyone I know how great myyogaonline is! I live in Germany, and while I'm able to do pilates/yoga in German, it's nice to have it in my native language (and when I travel!). I'm a pilates instructor myself, and when my clients go back to the US, I always tell them to keep up their work with your site...I just had a simple question- will there be more Kundalini? There's so much Hatha and Vinyasa, which I love, but it would be great if there were a bit more Kundalini yoga on your site.But, even without it, it's pretty much perfect! I hope your team feels really great about what they're doing :)Thanks,Dina

    - Dina

  • testimonial quotesI find the site really brilliant, the classes are so good and so varied, very easy to fit in a day schedule. For about two years I have been saying "I have to practice at home" and not only during my weekly class, but only after discovering this site I finally went around to do it!

    - Paolo

  • testimonial quotesGreat site! Keep up the good work. This is exactly what I've been looking for.

    - R.Whitaker

  • testimonial quotesThis website has changed my life! I joined two weeks ago and the teaching is so wonderful that I am practicing everyday. I really looking forward to getting my yoga mat out and logging on. I feel full of energy, focus and my body feels and looks amazing. Thank you for your beautiful classes. Would love to see a few more pilates classes if possible.

    - Caroline

  • testimonial quotesThis is the best thing ever, Im from mexico, from a city where there are no yoga casses, so this online clases are the best way fr me to practice yoga, so thank you very much for this.

    - Tuty

  • testimonial quotesDear MYO,

    Thank you for providing an excellent service. As a Spiritual teacher and intuitive (yoga ins, reiki master, intuitive coach & motivational speaker) myyoga online has been a valuable resource, to help keep my personal practice fresh and ever changing. Also your service helps provide me with great ideas to share with students. Having tried all other online yoga sites, I was pleased with that you choose to include the spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation, not only focusing on the physical, as my personal practice is best described as meditation in motion.

    I would like to see some more kundalini practices, in order to learn more about this style of yoga – keep up the GREAT work.

    - Lisa

  • testimonial quotesHi, I just recently bought a month of service from my yoga. I have used it a few times and I absolutely love it. I am in Alaska in the middle of nowhere with not even roads out but I can still do yoga. Its great.

    - Parker

  • testimonial quotesMy personal practice has suffered after a bad fall on the ankle. I have been able to get swing back to practice with my yogaonline and it has encouraged and inspired me to go on :)
    Thank you.

    - Norah

  • testimonial quotesHi, my english is so bad, but I want to congratulate you by this webpage. It's extraordinary. Actually, more and more people choose Yoga like a lifestyle. Thanks to spread it.

    - Marito

  • testimonial quotesThank you for offering this amazing site. I am just recapturing my steady practice after a couple of years of here-and-there yoga. I was so grateful when I found your site, as I am located on Pender Island, and have found it difficult to find regular classes.

    - Theresa

  • testimonial quotesHello- A big thank you for adding the pre-natal video! This is great, especially for someone like myself who currently lives in Africa where yoga classes are few and far between (let alone pre-natal yoga)! I am sure that this will help me maintain my interest yoga allow me to have a better pregnancy as well.

    - R.

  • testimonial quotesI just watched Max Stroms 5.5 min., 3 min., 2 min. tv clips and I
    can't wait to watch the 55 min. tomorrow. He is so right and it all is
    so true.My computer has been on the blink for a week and I'll tell you
    I missed yogaonline so much. I just love it all! This is just a
    message thanking you for making your yogaonline better and

    - Gayle

  • testimonial quotesI really enjoy the site and use it frequently for my practice. The classes are so well taught and varied. Thank you.

    - A.

  • testimonial quotesThank you for all of the hard work that has gone into this site and the classes. Every time I finish my practice I say to myself that I want to send an email and say thanks, but I don't...today I do. I have a new job that has required me to travel a great deal. The videos are always available and I can do a little yoga in the morning to prep for the day or when I return to my room in the evening. It is very cool. I am impressed with the quality of the video and the class instructors. At 44, I'm finding that a balding, roundish man can find real joy and purpose in something as simple as breathing and focused movement. Keep up the good work!

    - Mark

  • testimonial quotesI would like to give a BIG thank you for your service, brilliant!!

    - J.

  • testimonial quotesI LOVE My Yoga On-line. It gets

    me going each morning with such a positive lift.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    - T.

  • testimonial quotesGreat job with the web site! I'm very pleased with the quality of instruction and production of each video. Living in a rural area, without access to a yoga instructor, your site has been a life-saver for me.

    - T.

  • testimonial quotesThank you for this site. Thank you for the professional way in which you present yoga practice. And thank you for the wonderful new classes you periodically add. This is the next best thing to being there.

    - Barb

  • testimonial quotesI LOVE THIS SITE!!! Thank you so much for merely existing. It's really a blessing.

    - Jen

  • testimonial quotesHello, just a few words to say that your site is very refreshing on the mind and inspiring, and although i practice yoga at home, it makes me want to get more involve in the practice of yoga and its philosophy, thank you, Careen, from France

    - Careen

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much for supporting my daily yoga practice with beautiful videos. I am inspired and grateful for all that you do at My Yoga. Peace to you all...I look forward to each new practice. Warmly, Susan

    - Susan

  • testimonial quotesDear personnel at yogaonline, Just a friendly note to say that I
    really enjoy your website. I've only been a member for a few days and
    I am really impressed by the ion, the variety, the different levels
    and the length of videos. From pilates, to Hatha, to power...ect it's
    all there and at different levels. I started yoga a few months ago and
    I will definitely enjoy your website and all it has to offer. Thank
    you and I wish you great success. I will absolutely refer this
    website to anyone who wishes to start or continue to practice

    - M.

  • testimonial quotesHello, All you magical, wondrous people making myyogaonline.com possible. It is really inspiring and has been a fantastic tool for furthering my practice. But now I'm just excited! I just finished a fantastic 90min practice with Jesse Enright "Power Yoga Therapy Introductory Flow In Depth". It was absolutely fantastic. I have been practicing yoga for about 10years now (the last year spent doing Vinyasa Flow) and it was so fulfilling and engaging to have everything so thoroughly broken down through out the 90mins. I just wanted to send some props out to Jesse, as knowledge is power, and only seems suiting to be in a Power Yoga practice. I hope Jesse does a sequel for those of us that have absorbed what he has offered and want more. Whoot whoot! Cheers Miss B.

    - Brandy

  • testimonial quotesThank you from the bottom of my (open!) heart for your first-class service. I find all the teachers are excellent in their different ways, and the production quality is outstanding. Your online videos surpass all the DVDs I've come across so far - the studio setting is attractive without being distracting, the music is lovely, and the camera angles are very well thought out. Pace and timing are perfect, and I particularly appreciate your instructors' approach to the breath and the spirit of yoga. MYO has enabled me to maintain the best possible bodily and spiritual health by being able to practice precisely when my energy levels are right. I have no doubt that I am a lot stronger than I would have been without MYO.Thank you all so very much... love and blessings.

    - Jackie

  • testimonial quotesWow! I registered just 3 days ago. I felt like my life was consumed with work chores over this holiday week, and that I had lost my sense of self, spiritualily and health discipline. My Yoga Online will be used daily as a tool for self restoration. This website makes yoga practice and exercise so convenient. I have enjoyed my yoga, pilates and relaxation classes/practices. This concept is a breakthrough. I am excited about using the site when I travel for work. I am looking forward to exploring more classes with various instructors as well as downloading meditations for use at any time. Thank you for innovation. Kind regards, Sheila

    - Sheila

  • testimonial quotesi just want to say i love this site, and am really excited to see all these new classes being added on all the time.
    the best $10 a month i've ever spent!

    - Angela

  • testimonial quotesI want to tell you how awesome your site is.
    Since we left new york city (hub of awesome yoga studios)
    for a suburb totally lacking in decent classes,
    when i found your site, i was SO thrilled.
    The teachers are really top rate & the more advanced classes
    are rare online. Also the look of the online studio is
    amazing (clean, bright, simply appealing).

    - Audrey

  • testimonial quotesVery nice production work and excellent instructions. It's the reason I prefer your online service to any DVD I've
    purchased. Continue the great work!

    - J.

  • testimonial quotesI absolutely love this site. It is wonderful! I have not been able to find any Yoga or Meditation classes in my area. This site has filled that need and then some! I love the variety, and the instruction is the best I have ever seen. Thank you for building this site! I can not express how it has enriched my life. Thank you.

    - T.

  • testimonial quotesI am a 500 level hatha yoga instructor in the Houston, Texas area. I found you through You Tube. I have been very thrilled with the first 2 months! I am always looking for fresh new ideas. And to be able to download music is a real boost..
    I love the variety of the teachers. Each bring their own special blend. The narrations hit it on the mark.

    - Carol,

  • testimonial quotesFriends, I just had to write to you and commend you for creating this incredible website. It really is wonderful... the class ion is great. Its just what I was looking for. The quality of each class is fantastic... Tech quality is excellent too. Anyhow, I'm emailing all of my friends with the link and I wish you tremendous success because I want this website to be around for a long time.

    - Suzanne

  • testimonial quotesi spent the last four weeks at home with severe and debilitating neck pain. a few days ago i surfed onto your site and never looked back. my episodes of pain are almost non existent, i am calmer, happier and relaxed, and have made some major lifestyle changes with your help.

    the site is absolutely fantastic, the best of its kind ( from what i have seen), so much variety, the instructors are fantastic and so encouraging, and most of all it is GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY.

    the quality of the videos is exceptionally good, i adore the settings, down to the nightlights on the road for the insomniacs, makes it so realistic.

    - Christiana

  • testimonial quotesHi! I am loving My subscription to Yoga Online- it allows me to practice every day, which is fantastic. I have really enjoyed the instructors and the classes and I think you are doing a fantastic job here..

    - Alli

  • testimonial quotesI'm so happy that I discovered your site! Due to my current financial situation I had to stop practicing yoga at the studio and have been trying to keep up with my practice at home. My Yoga Online keeps my focus away from the usual at-home distractions and your instructors and videos create a studio atmosphere that's perfect for my tight budget. Thank you!

    - Alison

  • testimonial quotesHi, I have been a member for only a few weeks a single mom of 3, running my own business full time, my schedule is not often such that i can make it to the gym regularly. Yet exercising is a very important part of my life. Your wonderful website is allowing me to take a break when i can, get down on the floor and take a half hour here and there to fit some physical exercise in my day in a very simple manner! Plus, when the kids are a little too hyper for what i can handle, i get them to do the simple classes of yoga with me: they are loving it as much as I am! And suddenly, my world is at peace again... Thank you! Andrea

    - Andrea

  • testimonial quotesI like the variety you offer. Different styles, teachers, and class lengths. For those days when I am short on time, or when I have more time to devote to my practice, I know I can just pick the one that will work best for me. I like a good strong, focused practice, with at least 15 minutes at the end devoted to relaxation and reflextion. Thanks for offering you site and sharing your teaching. Faith

    - Faith

  • testimonial quotesI love you site and use it daily! It has been a lifesaver for me as I live out in the country and am not able to attend my Yoga class in town every day. It is wonderful to be able to continue my yoga practice at home! I love the variety. Thanks for putting together such a fantastic web site!

    - Barbara

  • testimonial quotesI am thoroughly enjoying all of the practices. Thank you
    for creating such a wonderful site - how wonderful to have quality
    practices right at my computer whenever I would like to do them. I find
    the instruction and sequencing excellent - thank you so much! I look
    forward to new practices being added in the months ahead.

    - Myo

  • testimonial quotesOh my gosh! I visited your sites and I was absolutely amazed! I really love the atmosphere that the sites give.... The pictures are calming, as is the music. I think that the idea of being able to pick and choose which video you want to do each day from your computer is a WONDERFUL and refreshing new idea! As is the yoga music.... I would definately consider becoming a member of your program! And I definately recommend anyone to visit the websites to see for themselves how beautiful they are. I also love the page demonstrating the chakras.... I'm fairly new to yoga and love learning about anything and everything to do about it.

    - Serene_bean

  • testimonial quotesMessage
    I just discovered your site last night via a google video search. I
    like to tell you that I was so impressed by your sample yoga video that
    I have
    decided to try your service for a couple of months and signed up for a
    membersip today. The quality of instruction and production in the
    sample I
    viewed last night were truly top notch. I encourage you to keep up the
    standard you seem to have comitted to in the design and art direction
    of your
    website and video productions.



    - Woody

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much. I'm in the middle of a tiny village in England. No yoga for miles. This is my saving grace..

    - Megan

  • testimonial quotesI was amazed at the variety of classes and how crystal clear the picture was at full screen. I love the convenience of it, the fact that I can have classes whenever I want with different teachers to choose from. I never have to spend that extra half an hour getting to a studio, fighting traffic, or finding parking. And the price is incredible. I just sent a one year membership as a Christmas gift to my daughter at university. Please keep adding new classes to the site - especially beginner classes!

    - Maureen

  • testimonial quotesJust a few words to say THANK YOU. I take Yoga lessons twice a week and i needed to have some guidance at home, I love to practice everyday and i can see now the benefits from doing it everyday through your homepage. Now i feel more balanced and i've been able to strenghten my core. Plus i never miss doing the Morning hatha flow everyday, it gives me energy to start the day and makes me stay relaxed while driving in the crazy MORNING ROADS hehe. Thx again Emanuel Diaz MD As a Physician and Anatomy Professor i recommend this to everyone.

    - Emanuel

  • testimonial quotesIt is amazing what can be considered "feeling normal", and how unwell
    can actually be. Only when we start to do things to take care of
    do we learn how much better our "normal" can be. I started practicing
    three years ago, and have found that it enters into all aspects of my
    I find myself switching to oujai breath in all kinds of circumstances
    when I
    need to calm down, and now it happens without my even realizing it.
    are times when my yoga practice is calming, putting to rest stressors I
    been carrying all day. There are times when it is energizing, giving me
    enthusiasm and strength to face the day ahead. There is a kind of yoga
    every mood, and the best thing is that you can use what suits you at
    particular time. I have practiced yoga in airports when I had long
    between flights. Not only did it help pass the time, but it helped to
    some of the stiffness and anxiety associated with flying. With
    myyogaonline.com my yoga practice never has to be put on hold. When
    travelling, I can log in on my laptop or any other computer with
    access and continue to develop my practice no matter where I am. I
    moved countries, and spent three weeks travelling to my new home. Along
    way, I was able to use myyogaonline.com in several different cities, so
    I was able to do different classes and vary my pratice to suit my needs
    the time. With the large variety of classes, regarding levels,
    duration, and
    teaching styles, I continue to benefit from the kind of practice that
    body and mind need at any particular time. I am not new to exercise
    by any
    means. But even after more than ten years of regular exercise in gyms,
    running, or swimming, there is nothing that has impacted my whole life
    way that yoga has.
    Jodi Lassner, Jerusalem

    - Jodi

  • testimonial quotesIn the beginning, my yogic aspirations were modest. At the age of 33, with many years of weight training behind me, I felt my body turning to concrete: shoulder-checking before changing lanes in my car was a movement initiated at the waist and often accompanied by a strained grunt. So I tried Yoga with the intention of learning some upper body stretches that's all I wanted. I was surprised by what I got. I began to notice a change in my day-to-day emotional state. A warm calmness began to glow within me, subtle at first, but quickly becoming too apparent to discount. As I practiced, the concepts of 'emotional balance' and 'finding centre' coalesced in my imagination, and were soon elevated from dismissible new-age happybabble to attainable reality. I kept practicing. And it changed my life. I am a trial lawyer by trade. My job is stressful the stress associated to my job has a severe (and all-too-often terminal) impact on those who do it. I have watched friends and colleagues fall to emotional breakdowns, chemical dependencies, heath crises, and even suicide. I have observed with some discomfort that lawyers seem to be inclined to die early. Before yoga, I recognized myself as a promising candidate for a stress-related personal implosion of some variety. Now, with yoga on the program permanently, that crawling consciousness of doom is banished. I feel happy. It's still a bit unfamiliar, but I think I can get used to it. My practice of yoga doesn't end when I finish a class. It stays with me, all day, every day. It changes the way I look at myself, at others, at the world around me, and it makes every challenge I deal with a little more manageable. I am more effective at everything I do. Those around me notice the difference, too (and not without gratitude). Yoga changed my life for the better.

    - Desmond

  • testimonial quotesI have been practicing yoga for almost 3 years with Kreg Weiss as my principal teacher. I started yoga late in life, but am discovering things about my body, breath, and spirit that I would not have without yoga. Yoga has made a profound impression on me and the journey continues to bring peace of mind, the practice of non-attachment, courage, love, joy, freedom, flexibility, and strength. Although my body constantly amazes me with what it can do from one day to the next, it is under the guidance and motivation of exceptional teachers, like Kreg, that my practice continues to grow and improve without fear of injury.

    Kreg is a teacher who I can trust to bring honesty and compassion into my practice. His natural instincts, training, and knowledge of physiology and anatomy sets him apart from other teachers and brings a truly fulfilling experience to each class. He offers many levels and variations in poses and encourages you to listen to your own body and not to your ego. He is nurturing, patient and generous with his time and brings a sense of peace and spirituality to my practice that I can take with me long after the class is over. I leave feeling strong, centered, stretched and energized. Yoga is a part of my life now and will always continue to be.

    - Maureen

  • testimonial quotesI have a very high stress job and am always very busy. My mind is often performing three tasks at once and sometimes I get extreme stiffness in my shoulders, neck and lower back. Yoga is the only thing I have found that helps me with this. My yoga Online is so perfect because having the ability to do classes while am travelling on business (2 - 3 times per week) or only have a half an hour to spare, it really does help me to stay with it. .. Be consistent.And the mediations are amazing also! The site really works for me. It really reduces my stress with my job and keeps my body feeling good.

    - Chera

  • testimonial quotesI really love the site. I used to practice yoga regularly but found that over time the consistency of my practice realy dwindled.... My Yoga Online works for me..I am back to doing three or four classes a week, and have started doing the pilates as well. Made a small space in the spare bedroom in my house into a sanctuary for myself and it is so perfect to have a large ion of classes to choose from! I really love Kreg's morning flow do it often before I take a shower in the morning and it gets me going without drinking coffee.

    - Susan

  • testimonial quotesYoga started out small, initially giving me a profound sense of the
    interconnectedness of my body and my mind, which is what I was looking
    but it carried on much further to instilling within me a sense of
    connectivity between me and the rest of the world. The practice has had
    various subtle physical and mental effects. I am stronger, have better
    balance, am more physically aware and flexible, even feel taller at
    I definitely take better care of myself now, without feeling
    or holier than thou in any way, but just because it feels right. I have
    also grown more accepting of my own limitations. These attitudinal
    did not remain self-centred but extended to my relations with others.
    Because what we learn in yoga classes scratch the surface of an entire
    worldview, I have become more curious about different ways of seeing
    world and our place in it, and as you know, have gotten into vipassana
    meditation as a result of yoga, which has given me much understanding
    the ideas that emerge in yoga, such as how patterns of thought and
    are generated and how we can guide them toward positive outcomes. Yoga
    one of the few things in life that feel good while you're doing it and
    afterwards. It is a way building bridges between different cultures,
    philosophies and ways of being, nurturing true self awareness, creating
    physical space, experiencing pschic calmness and feeling strong
    determination, all within a single breath, all within the framework of

    - Dawn