• testimonial quotesI love you guys! I have been a member since January 1st and promote your community, videos and resources to my friends, fellow yogis and community. Thank you so much and so proud to know your representing our beautiful country and spreading yoga love across the globe!

    - Vanessa
    Peace River, AB, Canada

  • testimonial quotesDo not know how I landed here on your site but all things for a reason
    yes? I always trust there is a purpose to all surprises. I am finding
    something here that is hopeful and inspiring..a craving? a
    possibility? Perhaps a promise whispered in my ear by my spirit? I
    thank you for this gift. Namaste

    - Jennifer

  • testimonial quotesThank you so much for the goddess series! I really learned a lot and
    have continued my interest in the Gods and Goddesses!

    - Melinda
    Lyons, United States

  • testimonial quotesFrom LIlla's Yoga and You in the 70's to MyYogaOnline, technology just keeps getting better and better. From when I joined MyYogaOnline in 2008 to now, MyYogaOnline just keeps getting better and better. This website is my lifesaver, and I will be forever grateful for those of you who make it such a wonderful community. Thank you.

    - Laurie
    Jacksonville Beach, USA

  • testimonial quotesTo say that Yoga Online has changed my life would be an understatement. I used to struggle to make it to 1 yoga class per week. I now practice every single day because it is so convenient to do so. The teachers are world class experts and the variety of classes is limitless. I have recommended countless friends to join My Yoga Online because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this incredible resource. Namaste.

    - Erin
    Toronto, Canada

  • testimonial quotesAfter 3 years of not being able to get to studio classes (due to time, money and childcare commitments), it's been great having this resource at my fingertips. The unlimited, 24-7 access to asana, nutrition, meditation, articles and COMMUNITY has really helped me to get back to my mat. I can come to my practice as early in the morning or late at night as necessary (basically, whenever my toddler is asleep!). It's helping me to bounce back from long-standing injury and manage my stress levels from a new, more demanding position at work. I couldn't be happier with MYO! I keep recommending you to everyone I know...

    - Kelli
    London, United Kingdom

  • testimonial quotesThe Anahata practices were exactly what I needed as a personal focus in my life, and the dedication to the eight days of practice has helped include yoga in my daily life, again. Much gratitude for posting and encouraging me (and everyone in the MYO community) to realize themselves, even if just a little more than yesterday. Thank you!

    - Nicole
    Columbus, United States

  • testimonial quotesThank you for offering the Heart Guide. It was quite a profound experience for me. I am so thankful for your website/community. With two young children, it’s just too hard to get to a studio on a regular basis, but MYO allows me to still feel connected to a yoga community and it helps me to add some variety to my daily practice. I have learned sooooo much since joining, through the articles, workshops, and practices. Thank you!!!

    - Nichola
    Calgary, Canada

  • testimonial quotesMy lovely yogis` !!
    After my best friend died I didnt have the energy or will to go to the studios. Having practising YOGA for almost 11 years now I felt totally empty ....
    When I found you guys here , you came into my home and send me LIGHT & LOVE .... I feel so grateful and humble. THEN , a few months ago my MUMMY died, very sudden, and the light love hope < GONE! so young, full of life and laughter every day , my mummy .... gone. So empty inside , but still with a little light inside, and a little warrior :) .... DO NOT GIVE UP! I once again joined Clara , Mara , and all you beautiful teachers , again, And felt the light and LOVE in my heart again. How can I thank you , just want you to know how grateful I am. MYO , thank you for being my guide in my worst time in my young life.

    Keep up the good work, and lets be grateful, humble and show what real LOVE is. Smile and be kind towards one another....

    with all my love , Therése <3<3<<3))

    Om shanti!

    - Therése
    Göteborg, Sweden

  • testimonial quotesThank you for providing me and the rest of the MYO community with the opportunity to participate in these practice guides. It's such a great way to get involved and keep the motivation high to complete a yoga video, especially after the end of a long day. Thanks!

    - Melissa
    Mount Pleasant, USA

  • testimonial quotesMYO has been a healing aid for me. Yoga helps tremendously with my chronic pain, and keeps me strong. I love the flexibility of the classes. The search bar is awesome, too! I can really narrow day what kind of practice I need for the day. The people in the community are encouraging, and the teachers are interactive, which is awesome in an online setting! I recently participated in one of the challenges, and can't wait til the next one! The challenges are great motivators for days when I don't feel like working out. Thanks MYO for this great yoga site!

    - Melissa
    Charleston, USA

  • testimonial quotesMYO has been the best thing that has happened to my home practice! I started a daily yoga practice exactly 1 year ago today (1/24/14). I only wish I had subscribed that very first day. I have learned new postures, modifications, different yoga techniques like Kundalini, and meditation. This site is amazing! The instructors love what they do & it comes through during their practice. Plus the great challenges they do are exciting & they do just that, challenge you in the best way. Thank you, thank you, thank you to MYO & all the wonderful instructors who contribute. Namaste!

    - Isis
    Orlando , USA