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About My Yoga Online

My Yoga Online is the #1 yoga video website in the world.

The original online yoga studio, established in 2004, My Yoga Online offers yoga, Pilates and wellness video classes for streaming or download.

Advance your yoga practice with our renowned teachers from around the world. Reduce stress, get fit, and find your balance with yoga videos and wellness content filmed at the top studios, and festivals.

Every day we share new online classes, expert articles and resources to nourish your body, mind and soul. Sign up now!

How MYO Works

  • Over 1000 streaming yoga, Pilates, and wellness videos.
  • Learn from wellness experts and connect with our world-wide yoga community.
  • Watch yoga videos on Android, iPhone, iPad...
  • Stream yoga to TVs with Roku, Samsung, PS3, and Apple TV.
  • Sign up for a Premium Video Membership for full access